Treasure Chest Sign Ups!! Themed! Dungeon Crawl

Treasure Chest is Second Life’s first roleplay oriented Subscription Box event with a Fantasy, Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic and Sci-fi theme! Every month a selection of the grids best designers will be bringing you new, completely exclusive, original creations only ever available through the Chest and we’re one of them!

Starting from the 1st of February you can sign up by joining the Treasure Chest SL group (group joiner at our main store or the Treasure Chest HQ!) for just L$1000 and on the 15th you’ll be sent the Chest with 10 unique creations from the involved designers in it – that’s the equivalent of just L$100 for each product!

You can also join the group (or visit the HQ) after the Chests contents have been revealed on the 15th and get the months chest for L$2000 if you’d rather know what you’re getting first and don’t mind paying more for it!

This month is the Dungeon Crawl round of Treasure Chest; the iconic basis for RPG’s of all genres – a group forms at the local gathering spot and hears of a dangerous opportunity that could see them all rich beyond their wildest dreams if they have the courage to venture into evils lair. Dank dungeon or abandoned city, mad inventor’s tower or derelict hulk – they must gather their weapons, strap their armour on, tool up and set out to brave the unknown. What might our intrepid heroes wear and equip themselves with, and what could they find lurking in those dangerous, far from abandoned treasure filled halls? Join us for Treasure Chest February and find out!

The designers producing amazing new creations for this months Chest are:-
Cubic Cherry
The Half Moon Market
1313 Mockingbird Lane
~*Souzou Eien*~

To learn more and see past Treasure Chest releases, check out the Treasure Chest website at or visit the Treasure Chest HQ using the below landmark where you can sign up for this months chest, join the information group, add yourself to the subscriber list or get older chests once they’re released.

Treasure Chest HQ


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