It’s that time of year…….. Let’s have a SALE!

** Hums softly to a familiar Christmas carol though it may or may not apply, mumbling along something about the most wonderful time of year… her mood light and eyes sparkling merrily she decides to give everyone else a lil something to have a good mood about **

Today is the first day of school here where I live!!

Well, not for me but most kids are back in school now no matter what it is they do.  And for parents this sort of day is monumental. Ya love your kids sure but you know, the summer can feel really really……………. really………….. long.

So! Today I thought I would pass along some good cheer.

A marketplace sale.

The following items are marked down drastically for today and part of tomorrow!

Bondage Chair! Regular Price: 550L SALE: 185L

Tender Moments Straw Bales Set Regular Price: 895L SALE: 300L

Galiana Copper Bath Tub! Regular Price: 995L SALE: 335L

Bahir Lanterns! Regular Price: 195L SALE: 10L

Happy Hump Day and Back to School!



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