Spankin Good

New event! New things!

I decided to try my hand at Kinky Monthly, an event where you are bound to find something to have that special night or day or whatever you’re looking for spiced up a wee bit. Since I decided to give it a go I worked on a chair. ninette-spanking-chairA very nice looking chair I think, it’s something of a favorite sort… the style. Classic looking, I kept the frame black, have had similar in the store before but then changed it up with some really rich dark coloring.

The fabrics used are purple, blue, and black. You get three different color options in the pack using a texture change HUD, where you can take the scripts out.  Just keep the base product backed up somewhere so you can rezz new copies.

I really like the fabrics. There’s a pretty picture on the back. To me it looks elegant, refined, something feminine but could be for anyone.

As far as animations there are 5 menus and 30 couples sets.  Discipline, Over the Knee, Attendance, Submission, Aftercare.  There is a 6 part spanking sequence to act out, with 12 spanks total in the chair itself.  There are cuddles, teaching, talking, relaxing… lots of things to play with.

Along with all of those there are 15 singles animations so you can use the chair regardless if you have a play friend to help you out for both male and female avatars.

A really nice piece, used to have things along this line but haven’t in a very long while. So enjoy!! And get it at a really decent price right now at Kinky Monthly.

Take a Taxi to Kinky Monthly!!


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