I want more!


That’s what I’d say, I’m still recovering from a very good weekend.  Saturday… much fun and so good.  Yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck.. today… today is blissful but just a wee bit on the tired side. Doesn’t help that the coffee maker died on me. Yea, not good.

I love music. Music and dancing. Both of them carry me away to a whole different place.  Indescribable really this place that you can soar to. Whether creating it, writing it, performing it. To sing, to dance, to perform… the greatest highs ever.  To feel it, to experience it. I’ve done it all.

The fear of singing in front of a crowd, the anticipation before a show, the joy of being in a musical or theater show, the writing of lyrics, the singing at the top of my lungs whether in the shower, along with the radio, on stage, or at a show.  To dance, in the middle of the room swinging my arms around, to the stage, getting to show off on the dance floor with friends… I don’t get to dance anymore like I used to, I don’t get to sing anymore like I used to.

I love love love going to shows. I don’t get to perform like when I was younger and nerves can play a big part too.  As I’ve gotten older and developed some not so fun things like that lovely ringing of the ears and some damage to them I’ve had to slow down but oh….. never more alive than when enveloped in music.  It sets the mood for almost every situation, brings emotions to the surface to experience and we all have our own soundtrack that gets played out as we make our way through life.

So! Why am I recovering hmm? I went to a show.  You might have guessed that by now.

Saturday night I went and immersed myself. Head thrown back, sometimes eyes closed, screaming at the top of my lungs, growling into the night, singing and letting the music pound through me.  20th Row, right in front of the stage.

In This Moment opened the show, then there was a good set of Rob Zombie (his guitarist, John 5, awesome. Would go just so I could see him play even), then Korn took the stage.

An interesting night I must say…

I was texting someone that night in between acts and they mentioned that I seem to go to a lot of shows, something like that anyhow.  It got me to thinking, how many shows have I gone to?  Of course I’m a weird one and I do keep track… so off I went to home and started counting.

I’m going to make it a little interesting.

Contest!  Kinda.

A guessing game.  Can you guess a number. The grand total of times I’ve seen various groups, bands, music types… not the number of shows because sometimes you go and see three acts in one night so I guess I’m asking what you think the grand total of acts is.  I’m not saying I am as bad as some people… there’s people who go ALL the time and my number will seem paltry in comparison but I’m sure I have gone to more than at least a few people out there.  Now warning, some acts I’ve seen more than once… like Rob Zombie I’ve seen a couple times, even In This Moment… I’ve seen them twice now.

This number doesn’t even count the woe is me times I had tickets and couldn’t go… I still hate that I missed a chance to see Lacuna Coil, and omg… Pink Floyd back during their Division Bell tour. GAH!!!! I mean how stupid was it to pass that one by?! *groans*  And it doesn’t count opera, plays, or theater performances, just concerts.

Anyhow… Make a guess.

Leave me a notecard entitled “Sear’s Soundtrack — your name here” with a number inside.

Notecards sent between today the 29th through Sept. 1st.

The one closest without going over will win a 2500L gift certificate for themselves or give it to a friend for the Roawenwood.

After all this I might post the list of shows just for the hell of it and announce on the 2nd of Sept.

Have at it and have fun.


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