Roawenwood Photo Contest 2016 – A chance to win 10k Lindens

As promised… a Contest.

It’s still technically June 1st where I am so I’m not late, AND it’s still June 1st in Second Life according to the SLT thing so I’m still not late.

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I wanted this to work and be judged else it would have been up sooner today.  I have worked it out slightly… I’m still not sure if I’m exactly happy with it but it is what it is and like I said… I promised.

A photo contest!


Travel the Wood and take a picture.

The Five Blades sim has been reopened with an all new build for the Roawenwood store. While the store itself is a part of this build it is not always the focus.  Small areas, little retreats and all sorts of spaces are available as well as the display areas.

Here the Roawenwood is about the experience not just the shopping and to show this I’d like to see if you can find the beauty within the commercial.  Find the soul of the Roawenwood and win yourself a prize.


Grand Prize of 10,000L

Prizes of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in Two Categories; People & Places

1st prize 2500L Gift Certificate

2nd prize 1500L Gift Certificate

3rd prize 750L Gift Certificate

Honorable mentions for whoever I wanna give some too:

250L Gift Certificates

The criteria:

-.- There are two categories for submission.  People and Places. 

-.- Photos submitted to the People category may include yourself, friends, lovers, whoever and however you want to pose them.  There are places within the sim to sit and even a dance spot or two.  If you can find them then you can use them or you can rezz your own poseballs.  Rezzing is allowed for those of the Roawenwood in world store group. Clean up your prims please if you do this. Refrain from rezzing furniture, structures or scenery and things of that nature, this would be grounds for disqualification.

-.- Photos submitted to the Places category cannot have people as the visible focal point. These are meant to be landscaping or shots of the environment only.  In the event that you catch a shopper or wandering person in your shot but it is not the main focal point then it may slide by however really try to avoid this to avoid having the photo disqualified.

-.- All photos must be taken on the Five Blades Sim to be eligible. Whether one of the display areas if you can find a spot or within one of the lounging/exploring areas that are sprinkled throughout the sim.  It may be ground level or other areas for example the gacha trade in spot but it must be on the Five Blades sim.

-.- Photos CAN be manipulated and played with in third party programs like Photoshop or GIMP, be as creative as you want to be.

-.- To be eligible for the contest you must upload your photos to the Roawenwood flickr group.  Name your photo with the following: Roawenwood 10 for 10 photo contest. [specify category either People or Places]

-.- Once uploaded DO NOT ADD THEM TO ANY OTHER FLICKR GROUP BESIDES THE ROAWENWOOD STORE GROUP.  I know, lame huh but I want official entries to only be posted in the Roawenwood store group until the conclusion of the contest.  Photos added to other groups/event groups will be summarily disqualified from winning.  After the event then you can post them wherever you like or add them wherever you like.

-.- You may submit up to 3 contest entries.


The Fine Print:

-.- Contest deadlines: You have through June 18th June 25th to submit photos to the group.

-.- Popular vote will be done via flickr ‘faves’, choose your favorites and see how they do.

-.- Along with the popular vote pics there will be Sear’s top 10!  Searlait the owner and proprietor of the Roawenwood will choose her favorites to be tossed into the judging pool.  5 from People and 5 from Places.  (sometimes Sear likes what the people like so it might not be 10 total depending on how it all shakes out) [updated & added 6/9]

-.- Voting will be closed on the 25th of June.  Votes will be tabulated and the top 5 of each category (if there is that many, one can hope lol) will then be brought before a panel of 5 judges.  Super secret and kept strictly confidential these judges will then pick their favorites for the Grand Prize, and then 1st, 2nd & 3rd for each category. [updated & added 6/9]

-.- Voting will be closed on the 25th of June. Extended! Voting will be closed on July 2nd. Votes will be tabulated and the top 5 of each category for the popular vote as well as Sear’s top 10 will be brought before a panel of 5 judges.  Secret and kept strictly confidential these judges will then pick their favorites for the Grand Prize, then 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for each category.  In the event of ties Sear has the final say.

-.- Winners will be announced July 6th.

-.- Anyone can play!


I think that’s about it, if I need to add or change something I suppose I will.

Bottom line?  Have fun with it, be silly, creative, do whatever it is your hearts desire and show me what you got.

Have a good one and talk to you soon!


Updated June 19th


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