I really hate to do this: Contest Updating


The original contest deadlines had it so that people were supposed to submit entries through the 18th.

This past week has been really long for me. Real life kept me busy and some other things just made it impossible for me to promote or bug you all like I really would more often.

I don’t have the amount of entries that I’d like for the places section specifically.  People I guess I could let slide however I don’t want to short change either category.

IF I’m not happy with the participants like I said I’ll figure out something or other else but there will be some resolution to it.  I promise.


I’m going extend entries through the 25th..

People can enter all the way through June 25th, maybe I’ll even sweeten the pot who knows.  

Popular voting will go on basically from whenever you upload your photo till July 2nd.

The behind the scenes panel vote will go on at that point for the grand prize and winners will be announced on July 6th.

I’m not sure how this will goof up all you peoples or if you think it’s fair/unfair but we’ll see how it goes ya?

Misc Past Notes and Contest Guidelines:

I updated the judging and rules for the contest to make it a bit more fair I think. Read the blog post for details:

What it says in essence if you don’t want to go there… I’m going to add my two cents in and pick my favorites along with the popular vote so even if someone doesn’t have a ton of followers on flickr or whatever else you can still win and have a fair shot.

Full post for all rules/criteria: http://roawenwood.com/2016/06/roawenwood-photo-contest-2016-a-chance-to-win-10k-lindens/


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