Roawenwood Reopening – The Events!

So if you read the previous post which is very…. very…. very long winded you have my congratulations and deep felt gratitude you sincerely have a lot of patience or you’re just way too curious to not or maybe bored… or maybe you just like reading. For whatever reason you did now you get to read more! Ha, bet you didn’t see that coming did you and if you didn’t read the previous post it’s all good, this one is good too. Shorter.

With the reopening of the Roawenwood you just knew I would have to do SOMETHING besides babble on in a long post, so I have.

Roawenwood Reopening Signage v1

First off I wanted to give a nod to my in world group members. A good sized group of individuals some of them being in it or around my place for 8 or 9 years from when I was just starting out for the most part. Some have really been with me through a lot, and some I have talked to quite a bit. I am always humbled to an extent when faced with these people and very grateful, it makes what I do very rewarding in a way. So for those folks who put up with me, my ramblings, and mood swings I gave them a sneak peek.  On the 25th of May through today the 26th the store is open ONLY to group members.

I closed the group late at night on the 24th so only those chosen few could come by to wander the new wood and to take advantage of a store wide 50% off sale!  Everything in the store is marked at a refund of 50% off for those lucky folks.

I will reopen the group on Friday because that is when the general public will be able to journey into the woods.  Oh hey… Into the Woods, *starts humming along to some of the songs from it.* ok… yes, back to business….

On the 27th when EVERYONE can come to the store and we’re officially officially back there will be a 25% discount on ALL merchandise that is on the Five Blades sim through May 30th.

I have been adding little extras as well. Old gachas have been placed out.. the Sleek Bindings for one, I get requests for that one… among a few others, the Tangleshimmer Grove mushrooms and fairy rings, get requests for that one too.. anyhow.. so you can revisit those, from 30L – 45L a pull.

Yesterday for instance I had a limited buy set up. The Galiana Tub marked down to a really low price of 250L for 20 copies only.  They all sold before it even got that late in the day which was very cool, so I am trying to think what else should I do this for over this next weekend.

The picks contest has been resurrected.  Click the sign board, put my place in your picks and at the end of the month a winner will be drawn winning 2500L and a 2500L gift certificate to use or give away.

AND COMING SOON!!!      A photo contest.

June 1st I am going to be releasing details of a contest where you can win 10,000L as the grand prize! Then there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes… hopefully, with enough entrants. *laughs* One never knows with these things.  I have plans, always big plans of things coming throughout the month of June.

Granted for most who read this post you probably won’t be able to come to the store until tomorrow because it is set to group only at the moment but imagine it…. soon…

Have fun and talk to you soon.


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