Fantasy Collective – March

Hello hello! I am so so so so so….. *takes a deep breath then exhales as she continues* so busy lately that it’s a wonder that I’m able to get any of this done!

Nightingale Collar - White NTThe Fantasy Collective opened up and I have something for you for my first round back after taking time off for a long long….. long long…. long……. long time.  I always have said I have a soft spot for this event and I suppose I still do though I wasn’t able to participate for awhile.  Getting my… stuff…. together has been a long road though I think we’re getting there.

Now I’ll stop babbling and show you the new!

A collar.

You know… as an aside I realized that I do a lil bit with accessories and things like that.  I didn’t realize how much I do or how much I like to till I was moving vendors around and stuff.

I didn’t use any collar scripts though it DOES have 6 gem and bead colors that can be changed independently of each other that are just so rich and so pretty.  I did the collar itself in two colors.  One in Black, and one in White.  You know you don’t see that many good collars in white… just sayin, and I couldn’t help myself.

If you can’t tell I’m in a weird mood… have lots and lots to do so I’m a bit……… hyper.

Nightingale Collar - Black NCyea… hyper.

Now!  At one time I was talking to a good friend of mine about collars, we were talking about sales and all and the fact that I didn’t sell them with transfer permissions.  Of course my argument is about how most things aren’t transfer now, yadda yadda… and redelivery… more yadda yadda here and he says to me or at least something along these lines….

“But you should offer transfer too because a collar is almost like giving an engagement ring, sometimes a guy wants to be able to give his girl the collar himself without having to send her along to go get it or send it through a marketplace link or as a gift on a vendor panel.”

I actually paused on that one and realized at the time how long it had been since I had been in any kind of interaction with someone who either wanted or gives a collar… so! I now sell my collars with various permissions.

You can purchase it either as a copy/modify/no transfer item… OR you can get it modify/no copy/transfer to give to someone yourself.

Priced at only 150L and brand new for the Fantasy Collective!



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