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This year is going to be my 10 year rezz day and the 10th anniversary year for the Roawenwood as well.

I know that I haven’t been talking as much, or seemingly as involved with my store as in the past perhaps but there are reasons for this on some level that most may not be aware of or just assume it is the busy things that keep us.  Part of that is true…. I have been extraordinarily busy recently.  My real life has gone and kept me very very busy.  People have been home, schedules have changed and things have shifted that at times makes it very hard for me to come online or spend much time working on things and one of the things that has suffered is my communication with my store.  With my peoples.  Not for a lack of trying and definitely not because I haven’t wanted to, I just haven’t been able to.

When I get a chance to come in or online I’ve worked on things quietly and then try to remember to announce them even.  My notes, my thoughts, my little letters have gotten shorter and shorter.  The personality and the things that I imbue into the wood has been suffering and it is not much fun for me to watch that happen.

I’m not going to be making a lot of promises… I’m good at those by the way, but sometimes I don’t always keep them when it comes to Roawenwood which, heh, is irritating.  I WILL say though that this year I have a lot of thoughts surrounding my place… it is hard to not be reflective when you are faced with something as long as a decade.  Imagine it really…. 10 years, a full decade of creating, working, adapting… being a part of a community, a technical sort that shifts constantly… and I’ve made it.  That long… still running… adapting, learning, growing and still a big part of some peoples lives.

Along the way things have changed… people have come and gone, and some have stuck around.  Familiar names, faces, folks who have stuck with me through the years… I really treasure each and every moment.  I remember people coming to me with pictures, thoughts, things they’ve done with my ideas making them even better than I could have hoped for.  This year, this time I have so many little things that I would like to do, things to contribute and while I have that drive… that desire, I find at times a difficulty in expressing it or the time.  Time has shifted in a big way.

My plans for the time being are fairly simple… to continue, create and in some ways define a bit of what I feel is important. I remember fondly having more events or things from my own desk for my people.  For those who traversed the wood and that is a goal.  I would like to reinvent that.  I like doing outside events and have a lot of fun mingling within them however I sincerely miss doing for my group specifically. The little rewards and things that were so a part of the Roawenwood. I have always thought of my people, my customers as an extended family of sorts and should benefit from that.

I have so many thoughts, and while I might not seem like I am there… I am probably more than I have been in the past year or so. If not physically in world but in thought and while I muddle through getting this all sorted I am hoping to come out for the better in the very near future.  There is going to be a new store build.  I often struggle with this. Finding what I think is good for my store.  Do you become commercial, very mall like, keeping a distance from your store like a furniture outlet in the real world? Or do I find my personality, my vision, and my world within it?  Do I create from the standpoint of purely a business persona trying to make a buck off of you fine people or do I come at it from the perspective of my other self.  The role player, the dream weaver and the world builder?  Do I create a destination, a place to explore and wander while you shop like so many places that I was familiar with when I first started my journey in SL sometimes growing so frustrated with these artistic builds wondering if I could ever find the product they were supposed to be selling or do I have lil cubby displays…. neatly displayed, easy to find but manufactured.

I strive to find a balance. My path, my way, breathing to life my vision and still sharing those little pieces to decorate your life in SL.  That has always really been my goal.  To share.  I create to share. Something of a vision, something of a past time, something of a dream.  I like to give those little pieces that let someone have a moment or two where their eyes shine and find some enjoyment in the world they can create from those little pieces.

Perhaps I will find it… even after 10 years there are always goals and things to strive for. I still believe in the potential for this world, I still find myself looking for what might be next around the corner and yes…..

I still believe in magic.

Until we meet again… thanks for reading, updates coming soon.


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