The Liaison Collaborative – Ashur Living Set

Ashur Furniture SetI try events and to do things when given half a chance to broaden my experiences.  Recently I was given a slot as a guest designer for the Liaison Collaborative.  Kind of one of those ooo things because I tend to look at the people who create for this sort of thing very highly.  So I kind of snuck in and have a wee bit of something for this round of the Garden and the theme was World Market.  So up my alley in some ways, don’t you think?

I’m rather excited to be honest. A long long time ago I made up a set of furniture using sculpts.  I had called it “Ashur”, at the time I had been rabidly watching Spartacus and that weasel of a character was on my mind while I made it.  I always really liked that set.  The idea of it, the style so when the theme for this event was knocking around in my head it reminded me of it since the chairs had been sort of fashioned after a Syrian styled chair and the accessories I had for it all that that sort of flavor.  I tend to have my own personal style and not entirely accurate historically or anything but I liked it soooooooooo I decided to start from scratch and mesh it.

It turned out nice I think.  I am not entirely sold on how I did it but I love love love the new curvier part of the chair and the little tassels that I added.  It’s so much better for that, it isn’t as flat looking in my opinion and a definite upgrade.  One that I am hoping people enjoy.

As part of the upgrade I added more animations to it.  The other set much to my surprise only had 4 animations in each chair.  There’s almost no point to that in my opinion.  That’s like a nice piece of deco, not a useable piece of furniture so… that’s changed too.  Now there is 17 animations embedded in each chair. 7 for male avatars, and 10 for female avatars, there’s two chairs.  One draped with silk and one that isn’t.  The set also comes with the screen, table, plant and a rug to throw around on the floor.  A full living set for only 550L normally… However!!! Because it is at the Liason Collaborative it is at a discount of 25% so right now you can get it for 413L

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