Lil bit of Lovin for the end of ROMP

Quiet Reflections Chair SetHey!! ROMP ends on the 22nd and because I just love this event I decided to throw something out there that is almost like a gift… who doesn’t love some kinkiness eh?  So we have something that is almost a gift.  A 50L offering.

Until the end of ROMP I have placed a brand new lil something out at my booth that I have priced down to 50L.  After the event it will be normal pricing in the store.  An accent piece to the Tantra Chair this is a small rather unassuming piece that can be tucked away into a corner with a wee bit of kink.

Since I think of a rather peaceful scene when I think of these sets I added some meditation and singles sits for the first sitter.  So you can relax and breathe in deeply before being joined by someone if you so choose.

The set includes both PG and Adult versions, the full version has 17 different couples sets.  Sex, cuddles, kisses and some very nice sets that are geared towards the Master/slave.  Kneeling and talking or spending time.  Master getting something to eat.

So there you have it, a wee lil offering before ROMP ends and an excuse to go back down there to check it out.

Have fun my friends and talk to you soon.

Your taxi to ROMP


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