Elegantly Romping — Tantra Seductiveness

Tantra Chair SetI have always loved the sleek and rather seductive look of a tantra chair/couch.  The way that it flows wave like and all of the sensual implications of it just fascinated me.  I have on and off throughout my time creating in SL played with having one in my store but I was never happy with the outcome most of the time.  Plus I wanted to make sure I could offer something that had some interesting things within it so it was a functional piece.  Not just a pretty decorative thing because that is how I do things.

So… with this round of ROMP I took the time to create it.  Finally.

I am working on an additional piece to accent the set and go with it but for now here is something I’m actually quite pleased to present.

It has 16 different texture options for the cushion.  Somewhere someone was mentioning that there wasn’t enough pink or lighter tones for things like this so I also tried my hand at offering some of those.  So if you like light or bright, dark and sleek you can have either options.  Leather options, textile, and a few subtle patterns are all included for different looks.  I hope that it is well suited for the piece, I like it personally.  Of course I rarely make something that I don’t actually like on some level.

It comes with single sits to lounge for both men and women so you don’t HAVE to only use it when you’re feeling froggy however there is also 27 different couples sets.  The couples sets include all sorts of sexual stuff of course but also some cuddly and affectionate things.  So no matter the mood you can drape yourself along the sleek contours of this rather meditative piece.

I hope you enjoy it.  Released for ROMP exclusively and will not be in the store until after the event you can also get it at a 25% discount!


Take your taxi to ROMP!!

I’m also going to highlight quickly the Seasons Story opening.  For the winter round I set up a fairly nice lil campfire set.  With snowdrifts, bare branched saplings, a campfire set up to have all sorts of controls from burning to smoldering, sound and light there is also a lovely log bench.  Rustic in look with singles animations along with couples sets to warm yourself by the fire, cuddle and kiss… perfect for those crisp and cold wintery months.

Wintervale Campfire Set

ONLY at the Seasons Story


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