Tarkhan Furniture Set – We <3 RP December Round

Tarkhan Great Stone BedThis month I went and did a larger set for We <3 RP.  Last month I did too but this one is a little different.  Where last month was bathing this month is the Master chamber.

To begin with we have wall sconces, and a candelabra set.  If you know me at all you know that I like to accessorize.  To create the scene and make it feel full, rich.  I do love to decorate.

So the first pieces are the lighting.  I included scripted versions that you can set to automatically turn on or off when it is day or night, or you can manually turn them on/off… you can also set who can turn them on or off.  Group, owner, that sort of thing.  Just because some people don’t really care to have scripted candles I also included the non-scripted versions.  It’s a nice little twist that helps you out in the end, so technically all in all you get 4 different ones in each pack.  The wall sconces you get an extra.  One has a taller candle, then there’s a shorter one.  Nice little extra to create depth.  I figured it’d really be rude to split them all up.

So then after the lighting we have a warm welcoming and robust fireplace.  I have it at a really good size for a bigger room and it is 8 prims.  If you shrink it down then the prims will lessen and it can fit into different spaces.  I left it modify so no problem there.  I really like how it turned out, it sort of has a Victorian feel to it but in characteristic fashion it is a little rougher than all that.  I enjoyed creating it actually quite a bit. Tarkhan Fireplace I love a nice fireplace.  Actually I don’t think there is any type of fireplace I can’t find a liking for really… unless you could some of the more seriously contemporary ones.  I don’t mind them but I’m kind of an old fashioned gal.

The fireplace itself has a nice operating system.  Mesh flames and then if you click it you can bring up a menu.  The fire has sound, particle smoke, and sparkles.  You can control if it is burning, extinguished, or just smoldering.  You can turn the smoke, sound and sparkles off through the menu too.  As well as all of that you can also choose who has access to it, from owner… everyone to group.

You know it’d make a really nice highlight piece in holiday decorating.  You know…. just sayin. *coughs* Anyhow……..

That brings us to the very last piece.  This is -the- piece, the big one, the centerpiece of the set.

A bed.

Oi, ya right? Not like there isn’t a ton of them out there.  Well……………………. yes.  I know, and I’m sure we don’t need yet ANOTHER bed but hey I had an idea and went with it.  This is a round bed, made of stone with furs and things draped ALL over it, some silken type things.  I intended for it to be a bit more floofy.  Meaning…. it turned out really way more masculine than I intended for it to be.  It’s dark, and yes most of my things are on the darker side this one turned out a bit darker than I thought it would.  You know sometimes I think things like this have their own path or way of doing things.  I just bring it out.  My intention was something else, but this is what we have and I think it turned out fairly well.

It is a larger piece with a bunch of options to it.

16 land impact; 415 total animations.

Tarkhan Candelabra  Tarkhan Wall Sconces

40 cuddle, massage, kissing and snuggling along with some general conversational stuff for couples.  150 adult animation sets with all sorts of sexual naughtiness, flogging, spanks, foreplay and lots of play.  Forwards, and backwards… up then down… er.. ok, well…. you know…. lots of things since I like to make sure ya’ll have some options.  There’s a menu with options for those that like a bit of BDSM or M/s interactions. Now after all of those options there is also a threesome menu.  Male/Male/Female and Female/Female/Male sets.  Some cuddly and relaxing, some way not.  All sorts of play involved.

It doesn’t use poseballs thankfully, I know that those are just really not wanted anymore and really… I don’t blame you, I’ve hated them for years myself.

Tarkhan Holiday Candelabra

On sale now at the December round of We <3 RP at a 30% discount for the month.

Also if that wasn’t enough I am in the hunt there where you can find a 10L item.  It’s a decorated holiday version of the candelabra.  Complete with red bow.  I actually like them a lot, and you can get them for only 10L if you find them at the We <3 RP event.

There’s also tons of freebies under the trees.  I didn’t get time to make something for that but I know there’s tons from other creators.

I hope you are all having a great week and here is to a fantabulous weekend!

>>>> TAXI TO WE <3 RP <<<<


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