HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We have Winners!

It’s New Years Eve and I’m sure you all have some fabulous plans.  Even if you don’t that’s ok, I’m thinking of you and will be wishing everyone a wonderful year in 2016.  I’m hoping it is better, it seems like 2015 was so hard for so many people and I’ve seen a lot of folks wishing for it to be over.

You never know but here is to being a bit optimistic. Yes?

I would give ya’ll champagne but I seem to be all out.

Now the REAL reason I’m here is to give you the results for the Santa’s letters fun we had the past few weeks. Santa and I went through all the letters, and believe me there was A LOT. More than I ever expected to get.  I had over 140 letters to read and that’s not counting all the ones that just listed an item to have… you just can’t imagine how thrilled I was to see so many people enjoy themselves or to write a little something.  It is something that makes me feel really good. Giving back a lil something to people even if they wouldn’t likely ever show up at my doorstep or in my store! *laughs*

I know… I’m weird like that.

Anyhow……… I decided to break it down into First/Grand prize, second, third, one for most creative, and then 5 honorable mentions.


First Prize of a 2500L gift certificate to the store:

Araenielle Braendle

Second Prize of a 1500L gift certificate to the store:

HollyGarland Resident

Third Prize of a 1000L gift certificate:

arualblues Resident

Most Creative (1000L gift certificate):

Veldrinus Resident

250L Gift Certificates for Honorable Mention go to:

Morrighain Aeon, Blithe Lorefield, MingMing Charisma, Casiopa Xue, Loli Violet


Thank you everyone for participating.  Some letters were funny and made me laugh out loud, while some were somber or wistful with well wishes for others rather than themselves. Some sobering, some sad, some just hoping for the best and many many little notes that made me smile. I’d like to honestly express my gratitude to everyone for helping lift my own holiday season and make it a little bit more special even as it can be so stressful or so difficult in so many ways and for so many people.

I truly feel blessed.

I wish you and yours no matter who you are, what you might believe, or how you feel a very very prosperous and love filled 2016.  Talk to you soon.


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  1. Laura Blues

    Thank you so much for your lovely gifts! It was a lot of fun to participate. You rock!

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