Bathing & Massage – We <3 RP newness and discount for November

Galiana Bath Set - Copper TubThe Novemeber round for We <3 RP is just about to start.  I mean it really, as in while I’m writing this it should be opening in like 4 minutes.  So it will be crazy busy probably, it seems like it always is especially at first.

For this month I have a very nice set created.  A whole bathing thing going on.

The main part is a set of tubs.  There are three. One in pewter, one in gold tones, and one copper.  They are all purchased separately.  I didn’t figure people would really want all three colors.  Most of the time people don’t with something like this you know?  HOWEVER they are sets with sooo many little pieces to trick them out so you can create a luxurious and relaxing bath scene.

The tub has a very good selection of animations in it, all embedded.  No more pesky poseballs, some of my past things like this use XPose and while it was nice at the time there isn’t a real big desire for that sort of thing anymore.  Some may recognize parts of this set because I had it used in an event thing but I have since gone and redone the entire thing with some new fixes to the texturing, along with all of the animations.  This thing has a lot more options than the previous design so I’m counting it as a whole new thing.  Besides the other wasn’t available anymore so it really is new.  Galiana Bath Foot Bath & Massage Stool Set

14 singles bathing, and relaxing anims for male and female avatars.  For couples there are 45 sets total, 16 cuddles, and kisses type thing.  14 bathing and massage type stuff, and then 15 XXX adult type things so you can have a really steamy experience if you want.

In the pack you will find draped tables with three different colors of drape – red, purple, and blue.  A stool with 8 singles animations, folded and rolled towels, buckets, decorative bottles, a vase with a big plant in it and a rug.  ALL of it copy/modify and most pieces are either 1 or 2 LI with the tub weighing in at 4.  Lots of options, and leeway here.

The other part of the set that is separate is the foot bath and massage stool set.  The set has two stools in it.  The one is the single animation stool like in the tub set, the second one is a draped stool in the three colors like the table up above.  Red, blue, and purple.

The draped stool has 9 singles sits, and then for couples it has 14 cuddles, kisses, and ways to relax together conversing or spending time.  A bathing the feet animation set, a massaging the feet set and then 8 kinky adult sets so if things get a lil……. out of hand you can have some fun with it.

I placed PG and Adult versions of the draped stool so if you don’t want the extra you don’t have to worry about it.  Just a little nicety that I thought people might appreciate.

Now! Because I’m releasing it for We <3 RP you get to make out.

For the months round you can pick it up there at a 30% discount.  Yay right?! I thought so.

So head over the to We <3 RP Event!!



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