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Draped Pet Bed - Cozy FursSo many things going on all the time it seems like keeping up with letting you know what is going on could become a full time job all by itself!  Here we are barely beginning the month of October and I have a ton of new things to show you and things coming up so wow… keep your eyes peeled.  From autumn to Halloween to gacha things there is a lot.  So let’s get to the latest that I haven’t had time to post about yet.


I think this is my favorite event at the moment.  I relax with it and seem to have more fun doing things because I can add that little twist I always like to do.  Course I have other favorite events. Yes, yes but getting to be kinky and all?  Always a highlight because you can do it in so many ways.  This time around I decided to give into that little animal or owned slave type mentality.  No bondage or cages this time.  I know, you’re probably disappointed but I can always do them later.  This time I made a couple new little beds and some feeding bowls.  For puppy play, slaves, for those so inclined they are a really nice low prim addition to your area.  I just love the beds.  They’re fashioned after a shape I have used in the past for a basket bed…. but look so damned cozy I can see folks just wanting to curl up in there and snuggle in.  There’s two.  One furry, terribly cozy and so far the most popular… the other done in softer tones, and a bit pink.  I tried so so hard to make a very rich silk or velvet version too, I wanted all three to kind of be able to fit into almost anywhere but I couldn’t get that one right.  It just was not cooperating AT all.  So we have two.

Mesh Feed & Water Bowls SetEach bed is draped and swathed in richness and have _ a lot _ of animations to choose from.  This time around I didn’t forget the guys either!  25 different kneels, sits, and emotive type animations…. then 7 for guys.  Then if you peek into those menus there are some lovely self lovin type animations for both men and women.  40 total animations embedded with no poseballs anywhere to screw things up.  Only 4 LI each.

There is also 2 types of feed bowls.  One they are on a small little raised tray, combined and only 1 LI for the entire thing.  The others are separate.  There is a water dish and a food dish that you can throw around wherever you want unlinked. They are 1 LI each as well however if you link them… they STAY at 1 LI, as far as I remember so you can do what you will with them.  Each set includes a lil furry rug to place beneath the bowls if you like.  1 LI for that too.

They include 3 animations for eating and drinking, and then 6 more kneels or sitting type things.  Simple but very useful to create that full bodied scene or living space for your pet or slave.

Right now available ONLY at ROMP!

I also did something for the Cosmopolitan event this past round.  Every once in awhile I get things floating across my desk to try and so I decided sure, why not.  I’m doing a round in Oct. too.  I decided to do something a lil different.  Chair sets, inspired by Dia de los Muertos.  I love this one and often want to do things for it or around it.  I’d like to add to the lines but this is something I worked on.  3 sets of chairs, each decorated a little differently… and a FREE gift!

Dia de los Muertos - Sugar SkullsDia de los Muertos Chair Set - DecoratedDia de los Muertos Chair Set - Vibrantdia de los muertos framed prints




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