The Steampunk Gamer – Gacha Garden Exclusives!

The Gacha Garden event is going to be opening up the first and I’ve made up something that shouldn’t be a surprise if folks know me well enough. Since the Gacha Garden isn’tSteampunk Gamers Gacha - Gacha Garden themed necessarily I decided to pull out the steampunk.  I have a soft spot for it since I adore most things Victorian… and as an aside I’m weeping because I didn’t have the time to do the Challenge this past month which had a Victorian theme.

Anyways back to the Gacha Garden.  I did a set with a steampunk or industrial type of flair.  The thing about the Gacha Garden that sets it apart is that it has a special prize.  If you play the game 20 times you get something called the Seed of Inspiration.

The set has a few pieces you can win, a table… stool with 10 animations embedded in it. Five for male and five for female. There’s a couple candles set inside of gears, there’s a little set of coffee and cocoa cups.  Two styles, one decorated with steampunkish litter around the saucer.  You know… nuts, a bolt, washer… a couple gears.   Then a plain version without the extra bits.  The other parts is a checker set where gears are the pieces… then there is a tiered thing with sweets on it.  It looks pretty good I think, I wanted something I hadn’t outright seen before with a bit of flair.  I like flair, it makes life interesting.

Now the Seed of Inspiration?  That’s a geared up chess board.

Steampunk Gamers Gacha - Gacha Garden - SOIAll of this is decorative only really.  I don’t have the scripting knowledge to make a playable board… which would be a prim nightmare anyhow I think but these are really nice pieces to add something to your space if you like industrial or steampunk decor.

The chess board weighs in the heaviest on land impact at 5.  The sweets trays are 3 LI, the rest is only 1 LI each.  So the entire set even if you start tossing out extras won’t break the prim count.

I do overall like the set quite a bit.  Here’s the thing….

That chess board will be retired and not available like that after the round is over.  The Seed of Inspiration is a special item that won’t be available ever again.

SO! If you want it…. you HAVE to go to the Gacha Garden , opening up tonight at Midnight!!!



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