The Seasons Story — Autumn

Apple Bobbing RP SetI’ve never been in this event before but what a time to be hmm?  I love autumn, it is probably my favorite season of the year.  I love all of them for their own reasons but autumn is something special.  Everything starts to slow down.  The wind changes, the leaves, the feeling of the air… as it grows closer to winter growing a bit more sharp you can breathe in sometimes smelling the earthy undertones with the leaves falling from the trees.  I live and have always lived in the northern part of the US in and around the New England area so I get to watch the leaves change.  I love it.  It’s beautiful.

So for the round I decided to harken back to a time when I was a little one.  Halloween costume parties and goofing off with friends trying our damnedest to get an apple.  Yes…. Apple Bobbing.  When I was little we used to always do this.  My friends and I would huddle around a big old basin of water dotted with apples floating so innocently until you tried to actually get one with your teeth.  My god, the ensuing laughter and joking while a friend or myself sputtered in the water was just…… classic.  I loved it, every part of it and when you’re a kid Barrels o' Apples Deco Setthat sort of thing sticks with you.  So here I wanted to pass it along in all of its glory.  This is a full set of barrel type basins so you can have it on a table top, on the ground or in a full sized barrel.

I decided to offer up all three in one pack so that people didn’t have to pick or choose which one they wanted.  The table top and full sized barrel come with 4 embedded animations, looping or non looping to be able to play.  The ground version has 3 I believe, a beginning pose, then looping and non looping bobbing animations.  Gently turning water and moving apples gives it an almost soothing type of look to it while it sits out.  (I may be adding and updating the pack with a wearable apple to eat, so anyone who purchases it would automatically get an update through the vendor system if I do for free.)

So, since I was making a table top version of the apple bob I had to come up with a table of some sort yes?  So that brings us to the next part of the set.  An old door or set of wood planks you pick laid across the top of two hay bales.  Two drapes go across it giving it a nice Seasons Harvest Table Setautumnal look, there are also bale seats, simple… with a drape so you don’t get that whole scratchy backside thing.  Three colors are included to spice it up.  Each bale has animations for men and women to sit, relax, lounge around and generally waste time.  14 of them, all embedded.  No poseballs.  Each piece is only 1 LI so really really nice on the whole sim usage thing.

Sooooooo now what.

Decorative stuff!

In an effort to be able to round it out there is a set of barrels with straw in them, short ones and different apples in them.  Green and red, mixed or not.  Then piles, along with scattered ones all done up with red, or green or both so you can throw them around. It’s quite a nice little thing, matches of course the bobbing sets and really just suits the whole thing.

Right now the table set is at a 30% discount.

The WHOLE thing is available at The Seasons Story!!


Find it. Go. Enjoy.

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