Creepy Scarecrows for Lazy Sunday

Flasher ScarecrowJust a lil blurb of a post to announce the newness that I threw together for Lazy Sunday.  A seasonal item set with something that I just find a little bit disturbing.  It’s a scarecrow.  I’m not even sure if I like him.  He has this creepy flasher thing going that just makes me go erm…………………………… ok.

But hey it’s that time of year and you all might have some fun with it right!?  Might as well.

The set is going to be 75L for the duration of today (Saturday) and tomorrow.  Then I’ll adjust the set price accordingly.

So let’s see… you get the scarecrow, it’s only 4 LI.  Then you get 3 types of leaf litter, small, medium and large.  Then you get the roped hay bale, and the bare branched bushes.  All the decor comes in the pack, it’s really a sweet deal.

So have fun with it!


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