Branding Set for We <3 RP

Mesh Branding Log SetI have heard time and time again people mention that if I could redo something in mesh or pare back the prim count or do whatever it is I can to make something up that they’d be so happy to see it.

One of those sets is the Branding Log that I had ages ago.  It’s still been floating around and I had it available but for this round of We <3 RP I decided to completely redo it in mesh.

The prim count has been drastically drastically reduced.  The entire set is now only a land impact of 9 prims.  The log, a bucket of water, a brazier with some seriously nice looking flames, a small little stump/table with a bowl of healing salve on it along with a cloth, a couple generic brands, and then a rack of branding irons for decor.  So the set itself has grown.  Before it didn’t have all of that…. it had some barrels, some brands, the log, brazier and some grass I think.  So the look of it not only has gotten better, the prim count has gotten better but you now have more _stuff_.  Which makes it even better.

I know it isn’t for everyone but I am rather pleased with how it turned out.

There’s also been an upgrade to the animations in the log.  For one thing there is now more than one.  There’s three animations.  I decided to have the branding one where her leg is held immobile but then I decided to throw in two more bondage animations for fun.  Either could probably be suitable for a branding, or just a bit of tormenting.  Tormenting is fun.  I like it and I know I’m not the only one.

The log comes in two versions.  One with RLV and one without.  I like to keep your options open so why not offer it right?  Since I can.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, it looks much better in world so you can see it at the main store or go pick it up at a 30% discount for this month at the We <3 RP event!

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