Droppin Out for Illusion Point

Droppin Out Bean Bag ChairsYou know I grew up around some really interesting individuals and one of the things they liked to do was relax in whatever way they could.

I end up making up something a lil fun for an event called Illusion Point. It’s been going for a week or so and with my RL vacation stuff I really wasn’t able to get in here to get an announcement out like I would normally.

There’s some really good creators participating in the round.

My item(s) for it aren’t exactly entirely fantasy but they could be. heh

4 chairs in the main set. Brown & black leather, draped or not draped. 10 drapes, and room for 2. singles sits, couples cuddles/sits and adult sets. 450L for the package.

Droppin Out Bean Bag GachaThen a gacha! See the key for the ones available. This one is a bit of fun, 40L a pull, no rares and it has different stuff than the other chairs. smoking, passed out, and the singles sits.

Decided…. why not.

Hope you’re having a great week so far…. take care!



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