Pretty cages and pampered pets. ROMP July

Treasured One Lavish Kennel & Stimulation CageIt’s here! It’s here! ROMP fair for July is here!  I look forward to this one EVERYTIME.  Love working with these people and love the event.  Yay!  I have something really great for you this time around too.

Firstly a cage set.  This isn’t just any cage of course, it is all freshly meshed goodness and while it has its rough, gruff exterior it also has its mushy interior.  The cage itself depending on which you use is 4 or 8 LI.  The one with the deep red drapes of course is higher but it still not that much.  Not really.  I have a full decorated set here.  A draped silken bed for your pampered slave or submissive to use.  A deep furry rug, table decorated with pretty little things and some goblets along with a vase in the corner with peacock feathers.  On one edge there is a tether.  This tether has animations embedded in it along with some sex type things for the cage while the person within is helplessly kept, they can have a bit of fun with someone on the outside.  You can use or not use whichever pieces you want.  It’s all included in the pack.

The bed has 26 animations in it, the tether has 17 singles, and 6 couples sets.  Not a bad bit.

Treasured One Slave_Pet BedIt is Kool Doors scripted so you can lock or unlock it, set access to group or whatever else.  That makes it handy doesn’t it?  The cage itself is designed with the Gorean concept of a stimulation cage.  I know not all are fans of the series but conceptually speaking if you take out the pampered slave part girls were sometimes housed in a cage that was decked out with all sorts of different types of sensory treasures so she becomes more sensitive to them and as something of a training tool.  The cage itself was just tall enough so if she stood upright she would not be able to raise her head so yes, the cage isn’t really meant to be stood up in, and the door is short… one can only crawl to get within.

Delicious concept all by itself isn’t it?

Treasured One Slave_Pet Bed FurredThe other pieces are variations of what is in the cage.  Two other beds were created that look a little different.  One furred and one that just has a different frame but has the same deep blue silk that the other has.  26 animations, it’s a little bed to place in a corner or at the foot of the bed of the Master or wherever.  A bit of fancy.  Sometimes we need a bit of fancy.  There’s nothing wrong with having things for your pet that makes your pet feel good or makes them look pretty.


The last piece is a variation of the tether.  It doesn’t have any adult sets for couples in it but it is a basic slave tether.  30 Bindings Slave Tetherdifferent animations in it, it has particle chains from the ankle cuff to the tether itself as does the one in the cage.

The tether has animations for BOTH male and female avatars.  I think it rounds it out nicely.

ALL items have versions in the pack that are RLV enabled as well as ones that are not so you can use it if you decide or forgo that feature.

I like to do that, doesn’t take much but gives you a lot more options to play with.

Have a great weekend and have fun ROMPing!!




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