Hump Day Happenins — Reborn?

Springtime Sapling Tree ClustersIn a galaxy far far away….. er…. ok, maybe I’m stretching it a lil bit here.  A long time ago I used to do something called Hump Day Happenins.  It was an in store event or concept where weekly I offered a sale, a lil gift, a special offer or limited thing for the day or leading into the weekend.

Like a sale that ran from Wednesday through the end of Friday or something.  A way to break up the week and the end of it.  Something to look forward to and to have a little fun with.  I did everything from hunts to gifts to whatever struck me that week.  It never was the same, rotating ideas and all.  I’ve missed it and have thought on and off that I should reinstate it.  Yanno, for those interested in a lil something different but one thing concerns me… with SOOOOO many events constantly opening/closing and whatever else will it even be a wee blip on your radar?

And it is a bit of a commitment isn’t it.  We’ll have to try it out and see what happens, and if nothing else you have this weeks bit of fun.

Soooo…. what do I have for you this Hump Day?Summertime Sapling Tree Clusters

Group gifts!!  In world group members can have a few things that I have set at the landing.

There’s technically three.  One the Drama Zone Popcorn bag that awhile back I released through the group.  It’s been added to be out at the landing, priced at 145L for NON-Group members, if you were your Roawenwood group tag then it will be free.

The other two are tree sets!  Variations of the different trees I’ve been playing with.  Springtime and Summertime.  Two awesome seasons now with their own lil sapling sets.  Neither are for sale and the vendors are set to group only.

At the landing to the main store!  Take a Taxi

So Happy Hump Day!




2 comments on “Hump Day Happenins — Reborn?

  1. pipsknits

    Ooooh, kinky trees on hump day! Naughty Searlait! 😉

  2. Searlait Nitschke

    lol they aren’t that naughty.

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