Genre: Underworld

Demonian Spiked GlovesI haven’t done a Genre round in a long time, decided to go ahead and offer up something for the current one.  The Underworld.  Technically I had something else I was going to do however there was something rather similar going up so I decided to try to do something else.  It happens eh?

Sooooo I got this nifty pair of spiked glove things and decided that might work.  I named them…. Demonian Spiked Gloves.

I’ve included both colors that are on the poster in the pack, brown and black.  Why not right?  Options, we all like options.

The gloves are unrigged mesh, I was able to get them to fit on the hands of the Lara mesh body by Maitreya as well as the SLink casual hands for females.  I’m pretty certain they could probably be adjusted for different kinds of hands.  I’m not sure about men but you never know.  They work with the default SL hands as well, though that might be considered something of an afterthought perhaps to most people.

Since it is in Genre you know that you’re getting something of a deal.  95L for the round, after that they’ll increase a wee bit in price so if you want them now is the time to get them.

The setting for the round looks really cool by the way and has a lot of great creators, seriously… should go check it out.  Nothing is over 100L, what do you have to lose?

Take a TAXI to Genre !!


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