Fantasy Oak Trees at Fair Play

Fair Play, a rather small event that is newer that had sent me a notecard or two in the past months to see if I was interested in participating. Fantasy Oak Sapling Tree Clusters I have been trying to find different things that are a little bit under the radar, maybe a little less stringent in theme, that sort of thing to allow and help for those creative juices to keep flowing.  Takes a wee bit of effort to be honest, and a bit of luck to find the right events to be a part of.  There’s just so many and it is so easy to feel like you are missing something by not being a part of one.

Fair Play like I said is small but has some interesting vendors in it, one is Earthstones.  I just adore her jewelry.  I can’t help it, along with a few others.  I’m not sure how far it will go but I did like how I can add a new item once a month kind of in my own time frame.  Rounds begin at the beginning of the month however as long as I put a new item out there… then it’s all good.  I just joined at the end of this last week so I worked out some trees that I had been toying with after I had done the Weirwood trees for the Conquest event and added them just last night.

Available only there until I change the item sometime within the next month… wanna see?  I know you do.

Set includes three tree clusters and each tree has the option to change the foliage color choosing from 7 different variations.  So you’re getting some very versatile trees here.

>>> Taxi to Fair Play <<<

Ohhh!! I almost forgot and if you’ve read this far.  At the event I have a couple lil barrels sitting there with a couple trees as a FREE GIFT.

Have fun.


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