The Conquest – A GoT inspired event

So awhile back there was this notecard sent to me where the people getting involved were suggesting a Game of Thrones inspired event.  I have to tell you I am such a GoT fan that it is seriously one of the ONLY shows that I look forward to or watch.  This season I’m actually behind, I haven’t seen all of them yet so everyone has to be gentle.  No spoilers!  I’ve already winced seeing some pictures or things that gave away something that could be happening more than once and I don’t like it. *laughs*

Weirwood Saplings SetThe story, intrigue, the sets, the detail… all of it draws me in and I adore it.

So when I was approached about the event that was set to open as the season was ending because we were all going to miss it and have to wait for the next season I was like Yes!  Sign me up.

I will admit, I’m not *entirely* pleased with what I made, I wanted to do a big old heart tree but it was really not cooperating while I was working on it so it is filed away under the heading of…. maybe someday.  What I did come up with and added were some smaller weirwood trees, saplings to be honest.  They were -meant- to be an add on pack but since the big trees weren’t playing nice all I have are the lil ones. I love the idea of those trees, spiritual type spots in the forest… it’s really no wonder it would be something I’d enjoy.  I really really really wish I could have gotten the one worked out right but time wasn’t on my side.  I had to put it away.  I suppose on a project like that you work on it as it comes and when it feels right.  At least that’s how I work on them.  If it isn’t feeling right it isn’t going to be right even if I come up with something so it’s best to let it bide it’s time until it is.

The saplings are fairly decent I think.  White barked clusters with two or three trunks and the deep dark red leaves that make them stand out.  I fiddled with a few layouts and they can look pretty good if you want them for your landscaping or whatever.  At about 5 meters tall they range in LI from 5-7.  A little higher than I wanted them to be to be honest but like anything mesh if you shrink them down the prim counts go down too.  So it will vary, just like if you make them bigger the prim count will start to go up.  Some places can afford that, some can’t.  Stormborn Torches

Second item up for grabs is some torches.  I couldn’t just have saplings now could I?  Nah, I’d not do that so I decided to offer up a set of floor torches.  I know, lighting, there’s tons out there but there’s always a different spin or idea you can play with you know?  So I decided to rework something and name it after the lovely dragon lady queen. The Stormborn Floor Torch set has a more golden tone.  Generally speaking with a set styled like this you will see the black iron type used or wrought iron.  Often Medieval and fantasy or things of that nature use that.  It’s not surprising really what with being pretty spot on historically and then they can be used in more places.  Though of course in fancier places like King’s Landing or wherever you will see more upscale golden type things.  The idea for this was to keep it rather rugged sorta, but also give it a spin for being a bit more fancy.  Meereen, the city where Daenerys Targaryen has come to rule seemed to me to be a place where something like this be found hence the naming it in reference to her.

The torches come in two sizes.  One taller that comes up to about my hip or so, and one that is shorter.  The short one can be placed on the floor and I’m sure in some instances on tables or whatnot while the other is most definitely meant to be placed at floor level somewhere.  Rings of golden hued metal and a cup in an interesting shade of blue that has coals nestled within.  The flames can be turned on or off with a click and look very nice while they are lit.

Each torch weighs in at 2 LI.

Both of these new releases will be available at The Conquest opening on June 19th and running through July 10th.


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