Painters Paradise

This month for We <3 RP I worked on an artists set.  For painters specifically.  I have visions of having different artsy or creative elements to Painters Studio Setoffer in my place, and one that I used to have but retired was a painters easel set.  Long time ago, and I wanted to do one but something different than what I had.

I looked around a bit, mulled it over, googled looking at frames or easels and did an H-Frame type.  I liked the idea of having a bigger canvas to work on and to have displayed somewhere.  The set comes with quite a bit and is extremely prim friendly I think.  No piece is more than 2 prims!

The easel itself has a painting animation in it, embedded so no poseballs and it gives you the palette you need along with a brush.  There is a stool included that is done in the same wood tones, and has a rather warm woven fabric for the cushion.  13 ways to sit for male and female avatars.  It looks so comfy…. a place to gather your thoughts, admire your work or take a few moments.

The set also has some lovely little clutter objects.  Blank canvas in two styles, painters pots, brush, palette, barrel with scrolls, and a paint splattered canvas to throw around on the floor.

I like how it turned out quite a bit.  I still like the idea of having various artsy things around, I really do.  No surprise considering what I do.

This month at We <3 RP!!

30% discount for the month for the entire set, that means it’s something like 315L.

Quite a bargain.

Catch a ride! Take a Taxi to the We <3 RP Event!



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