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Oyster PlatterThe Multicultural Menu event ALSO opened today and while I did the post for the Kinky event I wanted this one to have its own.  I adore food, in SL and out of it.  It’s something of a weakness.  I don’t always eat a lot of it but I love the smells, texture.  I love to cook, and I simply adore feeding people.  I’m like the relative or family friend who is always trying to feed people.  Have a problem, here let me make you something…. is it good?  Wonderful!

I guess in a way it’s just another creative outlet.  If I can find a way to make it I will and I’m damned good at it.  *nods to this* So when I saw the event for the Multicultural Menu I was rather excited to stretch myself a little.  I haven’t done much food stuff in awhile.  I think a hearth makes a home, and a well stocked dinner table makes everyone feel good.  You can’t help but admire the sensuality of food, nor can you deny it.

I was given a region.  The Mediterranean.  At first I had a Turkish styled menu going, but then decided I was intimidated.  I don’t know why but I didn’t want to screw it up, this happens to me at times.  So I defaulted and did some French cuisine.  Baba au Rhum CakeI want to do more of it too!  I wasn’t able to make up all that I wanted, so I MIGHT if I get the time stagger another release or two during the event but further along.  It runs now through the 21st.  Granted, if I don’t have time then maybe I’ll work it into the store, don’t know yet.

First off…. I have a tray.  Cognac and Liqueur.  Very pretty, gives a glass so you can have a sip or two while standing around talking.

Secondly I have cake!  Scrumptious rum soaked cake to put out on display on your table.  I like how it looks, *nods nods*

Then last but not least……


A display of oysters settled into the tray nestled just right with condiments to tempt, tease or enjoy.  I’ve heard they’re an aphrodisiac. Cognac & Liqueur Tray*nods slightly to this too then continues* The tray also gives a single oyster that you can wear to eat.

Lovingly crafted and created by yours truly.

I did find while making all of these that I really enjoyed doing it.  I wasn’t quite sure how this would go, or how it would turn out and it is easy to be kind of intimidated by working on something that you’re not accustomed to working on from the ground up.  They turned out nicely in my opinion though, something that I would have grace my table if I was going to be entertaining.

Everyone loves food and the greatest part is that here…. it doesn’t hurt us one way or another. *laughs*

Enjoy enjoy!  Eat!

TAXI for the Multicultural Menu Event!



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