25L Deal – Washing Dishes

Kneeling Washing DishesToday I have some work for you to do, or better yet…. to have someone else do for you.  Dishes.  Abhorrent chore to do in real life.  One I truly despise and as luck would have it… you have to do it fairly often if you actually want to eat.  I hate it, so of course I make these things up in SL so I can pass along the fun within a role play experience.  Or I’m just that sadistic.  We don’t do enough work in real life so I add it for you all in SL.  It’s been awhile since I’ve focused too awful much on chores.

This week I’m letting you have a brand new freshly meshed chore.  A little different, it’s washing dishes but kneeling.  A small work table with dishes and things is part of the simplistic set.  It would go in a few places I think, maybe.

A water basin, dishes and all that you see is included.  The table is 3 LI, it is rather cute and there is assorted clutter added to the pack, a stack of plates… and a couple mugs.

It has 9 embedded animations in it, no poseballs.  The washing dishes anim, then a few various sits, lazy type things and one for a guy even.  I doubt really that guy would be there but you never know.  I did want to have at least 1 in there he could sit on if that’s the case.

TODAY ONLY it is 25L

Then you can get it in the chores section of the store.  Have fun and happy Tuesday!


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