ROMP April – The Duchess

ROMP monthly is kicking off again and the April round has yours truly along with a group of awesome creators to tempt your kinky selves into finding something new to play with.  Each item is offered in our main stores, you get a lil list and off you go on your adventure for 3 days of discounted shopping.  Nothing is over 500L from Friday – Sunday.Domina - The Duchess

This round I decided to shower some attention upon the lovely ladies that enjoy wielding a crop while standing over their submissive making him squirm within those restraints that she has so carefully placed upon his extremities.  Entitled The Duchess, for the lady who deserves respect and adoration. At times the dominant female with all of her intricacies does not receive enough loving when it comes to kinky events so I was in the mood to remedy that.  The item itself is a carefully messy set of rugs and pillows with a rather middle eastern flair or look.  Bold patterns and colors mixed together in a way that evokes the spicy atmosphere lending it a bit of elegance.

The reason I did this set like I did was because I wanted it to be able to be used inside or outside, I also wanted it to be simple because what it does…. yes yes, what it does is the part that is really enjoyable.

Embedded within it are 12 animation sets for her to lovingly dominate her male submissive giving them time to spend together in a rather unconventional way.  She reclines, reads, sits and stands exerting her will using him as the piece to recline upon.  So rather than having a piece of furniture outright we have a lovely set of rugs to showcase him…. Kind of like framing him while she enjoys him.  Deliciously devilish in its own way I think.

The Domina Series is going to be what I release outright FemDom stuff under to make it easier to find and identify.  So hopefully in the future you can look for more pieces within this line to titillate you.

Materials enabled.

Discounted this weekend  for 350L




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