Revamp Roawenwood — A Contest — Over 16,000L worth in prizes

It’s the opening of Fantasy Fair today at 9 a.m. SLT!!! April 23rd through the 3rd of May tons of events, awesome sims, and a lot of shopping to benefit RFL.

I have something a little different for you to have some fun with if you’re game. Soooo…. What do you say? Are you?

I have an avatar. Yay me right?  I have an alt. avatar that I use for business purposes named originally enough…. “Roawenwood”.

I never really dressed the avatar. The poor girl is something like 4 and a half years old, has no AO, is wearing an old flexi curly hair style, system layer dress…. No hands, feet, nothing meshy body part wise of any kind. Her skin, well it was a gift from the Peace on Earth hunt, you guessed it, right about when she was made so it’s old…

Needless to say when I’m logged in as this avatar my camera is anywhere but on her. She really does look dreadful. Recently I was working while using the avatar wincing the whole time and got the bright idea of updating her look but the thought of shopping for all the little pieces or for finding what would work made me want to weep.

I’m not much of a shopper, I don’t really shop. Hardly ever unless it might be build related but clothes? Updating outfits? Making up outfits? Looking for skins and all? I’d rather have dental work done.

So while I was working on the mesh in front of me mulling it over feeling resigned that she was just going to always look like this I got another bright idea.

A contest!! Omg! Have YOU guys find all that bs.. I mean…. All that great stuff that I don’t want to bother myself with, or really have the time to. I just don’t have it.

So here’s the deal you guys can help me out immensely so I don’t have to wince while working by dressing up Roawenwood.

I’m going to have two categories for looks and a special category for best picture. And I’m not leaving anyone out… nope. Since “Roawenwood” is not necessarily a male or female name I’m going to open it up to include male looks as well as female.

Curious?  Check out this link to the  Contest Guidelines, Criteria, and Other Important Info!

Revamp Roawenwood Contest


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