Warm and Spicy for We <3 RP

This month I decided to release a warm and spicy Moroccan flavored set for We <3 RP.  The new items is the couples bench, though the accompanying items have not been released in the store they have been seen a little bit before this event on occasion floating around.

The woods are warm, the upholstery rich.  Each piece complimenting the other to create a well rounded scene if you’re interested.  From plants, to vases… a couples bench and a settee for reclining.

The couples bench has a fairly awesome set of cuddles, kisses and snuggly things along with a few singles sits.  The settee is really meant for one, to recline, snack and enjoy a few moments.  Tables are also included for decor and a hookah with texture change for the glass so you can have different colors.

All at a 30% discount for the month each piece is worth taking a peek at.

March we luv rp stuff

Have fun and happy shopping!!

We <3 RP TAXI!!



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