It’s the end of the world as we know it……

Mad Dog Muzzle in MudThe Secret Affair opens up today at 3pm SLT!!  It runs from the 15th through the 30th.  I haven’t done this one before, wasn’t really quite sure what to expect.  It’s a wee bit daunting, some fabulous creators involved.

The theme for the round was “The End”, a post apocalyptic styled thing so everything you find there is going to be a bit different.

My offerings are two fold, a prop/hang out set to sit on and a set of muzzles or masks.

They’re kind of a redo of ones I had worked on ages ago but this time tricked out with some fairly mean looking spikes, a grate across the front and some other embellishments.  I haven’t really done much work like this in the past so I’m thinking it turned out pretty good.  It’s in four colors.  Camo, Mud, Coal, and Snow.

It’s unrigged mesh so you can adjust it no problem to fit you, along with the fact that it’s unisex.  I know not all folks are going to like it but yanno, you have to admit it’s kinda different at least.

The hang out is scruffed up and messed up.

Bombed Out HangoutSimplistic in nature.

A couple barrels, a palette, dirt… oil drum with a fire in it.  Typical type thing but it’s done pretty good so you can add an unearthly glow to your surroundings.  The fires are easy click on/off to use, and the owner can set who can mess with it.

Places for two people to sit or warm their hands while fending off zombies or trying to figure out how to survive wherever it is they might have end up.  Great for urban type environments too.

Both items are materials enabled.

So it’s done, I’ve tried a little something different… Hope you like!

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