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Have I mentioned that I love ROMP?  Well if I haven’t then I am again.  The Fresh fair has been going since the 6th and is finishing up on the 19th.    I know I have been terribly remiss in getting a post out there to show you what I made for it or to promote it and that is an epic fail on my part.  I have been enjoying working with this since last year when it was first put across my desk and I really hope to continue with it.

This event was meant to be more of a contemporary vein of furniture.  There wasn’t going to be anything that…. and I quote this from the nc’s that were sent out on behalf of a customer….. “Kinky furniture and toys that aren’t Gorean / rustic / something a lumberjack crapped out.”  Seriously I actually laughed out loud reading that realizing that often very often the more rustic things are what you see and the more modern pieces are really recycled over and over again.  The same basic ideas just redone.  It’s really challenging to come up with new ways to have a piece of furniture look when you’re working in this genre.  Often a lot of my bondage furniture remains on a back burner type thing while I try to wrestle out exactly what I want it to look like because I don’t want to just recycle something that was already done looking the same as the last 10 bondage racks.  Know what I mean?

I would love love love to have a big set of things and started working on some that I thought was turning out fairly well recently that was a little different so I partly thank ROMP for this.  For one, gives me a place to put this stuff.  To put it out there.  Often that can be tough to do.  Good people, good events, and good opportunities outside of my store can be few and far between for adult type product.  I’m always looking to branch out here.  Always.

Secondly ROMP is awesome because since day one it was approached to me that it was ‘elegant kink’.  I adore that.  I really do.  One thing about kink is that it is swept into a dark back corner and often it is seen as those hang out places that everyone either goes to with a guilt complex going, or wants to avoid.  Bad decor, bright purple neon or whatever else blinding you while you stare at god awful images or bad porn shots.  Often you see city type landscapes with blowing trash or you see someone try to do a club or something a little better but… *coughs* often… well… not naming ANY names because I don’t want to offend _anyone_ but the decor just…. uhmm.

Najwa Lovers DivanYea.  Moving on.

Good elegant well built pieces that are functional and have things in them animation wise that don’t make you wince or feel cheated because there isn’t much.  Ok, good luck finding THOSE.  Believe me.  I’ve looked.  I have a healthy strong kink streak and honestly I don’t always want to make everything myself.  I like to…. I dunno…. relax on occasion.  Shocking yes but really I do and if I can find someone to spend some of that time with, which can be a rarity all by itself I sincerely do not want to have to deal with crap ass stuff.

Oooohh lord you know…. I’m actually blabbing on rambling when this was supposed to be a product post!  Ahahahahaha, god I love it.  I do love to talk if you get me going.

So! ROMP, yes, favored event and look forward to talking to, interacting with, and sharing more with them as well as from them in the future.


For the Fresh event I did two pieces.  A divan and a set of chairs to go with it.  The divan has A LOT of stuff in it and during the fair is priced only at 1495L which technically for the amount of things in it, I generally charge more than that.  So during the event at least it will remain at that price.  It has animations suited for almost everyone from MM, FF, MF, and even some t-girl type play things which are really hard to find if you’re in the mood for it.  I wanted the piece to be fairly all inclusive if I could help it.  I know that can make some folks uncomfortable however that isn’t the intent.  I always if I can try to be as open as possible and have the attitude why not.  So my pieces are going to run into some spots that might make some wonder but I don’t mind.  Wonder about me all you want. *winks* It’s always an adventure that way.

The divan has 163 animation sets for couples.  It also has some stuff for single, Najwa Lap Dance Chair Setmeaning… sitter 1 has some extra flirty type animations that I threw in there and there’s also single sits so you can just lounge by yourself if you don’t have someone around, reading that sort of stuff.  It can be put anywhere really, it looks good indoors, outdoors.  I like it.  The blanket at the base which is just so carelessly scrunched up as if pushed out of the way has a texture change option, 11 different patterns to choose from all done in some nice colors.  The piece is fairly neutral, trying to give out something that isn’t the same old same old.  No poseballs, all embedded animations.  Some facial expressions when needed which can be toggled off.

The matching piece is a set of lap dance chairs.  The design has a very open cushion area so you can feel snuggled in and lots of room.  It has two chairs in it.  One that faces right, and one that faces left.  They’re kinda like corner chairs.  Neat looking really if you think about it.  I like it anyhow.  They’re fairly low to the ground, and have a lot of options.  This is geared for male/female interactions for the most part though I’m sure other folks can find some uses for it too or ways to pervert it.  I’m constantly amazed at this.

The patron or first sitter has quite a few options themselves that are not contingent to having a second sitter or someone else on the chair.  11 singles sits, and of course everything is embedded.  I’ve pretty much gotten away from poseballs at this point.  There are sits, to relax and some masturbation stuff too.  See I always figure sometimes when you can kink it up and have some fun fondling yourself while someone teases writhing in front of you.  *nods to this*

The dancer or second sitter has some options in their menus.  9 teasing stands where one can flirt with the one in the chair, 16 dances that include floor, burlesque and lap dances to further your flirtatious ways.

After ALL of that… then you get into the couples sets.

48 different couples sets including sex, foreplay, cuddles, blowjobs…. fun stuff.  It really does make it interesting if you’re of a mind to explore it.  750L for the chair set while it is at ROMP!


I’m going to wrap up this post since I babbled so much in the beginning if you actually read this far I’d be surprised.

Take care and talk soon.


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