Shimmer Slippers for We <3 RP

Shimmer Velvet Slippers - SLink MidWe <3 RP opened up and so far for this month I have a set of slippers set out.  Have intention of another item but I’m fairly swamped so that is up in the air.  Holidays were awesome but busy!  I’ve barely been online at all for the past month, or at least in comparison to what I can be.

The Shimmer slippers are for the SLink Mid-foot.  You need to have the SLink feets to use em, otherwise you just have a pretty lil slipper that doesn’t fit right.  They’re a simpler shoe but cute and have stars running down the side.  A nice accent and not overdone at all so you can enjoy them.

Done in velvet there are 10 colors to choose from, and two metal tones for the stars.  They use a texture change HUD which has low lag to them but you can also delete the scripts through the HUD if you want them gone.  Just back up your shoes first or you’re stuck with the one color!

Discounted 30% off for the round you can pick them up for a very nice 137L this month at the We <3 RP event!




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