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Av Attach - Celebrations Dance Balloons PropGenre has been around for 3 years, hard to believe that it has been.  This round is all about celebrating and there’s some great stuff to be had by quite a few creators.  Yours truly decided…. one cannot celebrate without……


Brightly colored glittery balloons!

There’s two types for decorating.  And since it’s Genre pricing for everything is really low.  The single string floaty ones are a free gift, and the ones that are for the floor are priced at 75L for the round only.  If I toss em into the store then the price will go up.  Each set has balloons in 8 different colors! Bejewelled Celebration Balloon Clusters

Then I decided to do something of a variant.  I hadn’t planned on it but it kinda came around and I thought it’d be fun.  When out having some fun at a party wouldn’t it be cool to be able to bring your own balloons?  And not only that…. they have a bunch of dances in them.  A wearable set so that you’re framed all cute like with balloons all around you as you dance.

Toss on the attachment, click and pick from 24(!) dances along with a low lag texture change HUD where you can change the different balloons to different colors.  The scripts for the texture change can be deleted through the HUD if you want too.  Which is kinda cool.  This one is at 100L, I think that’s more than fair for that amount of stuff.  The dances include burlesque, sexy types, club stuff and freestyle.  So really there’s quite a bit to choose from.

All in all, a lot of fun and I think fits into the Celebratory theme fairly well.

Get your goodies and have some fun.

The Shopping Guide can be found here.

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