25L Tues & The Challenge

So 25L Tuesday is upon us and while I don’t usually announce this on the blog because frankly the day usually slips by before I realize it, I figured I’d highlight it this week along with the Challenge.  The round for the Challenge just opened up and it is my first time participating in it too.

First off lets do 25L.

Snow Bob MailboxI have two things up, one naughty and one nice.  The nice portion of our program today is brought to you by a friendly lil guy named Bob.  Bob is a snowman who has decided to perch atop a mailbox to bring holiday cheer and a warm smile to your lips as you traverse your way through the coming cold months.

Bob has a very sweet expression and a snowflake knitted scarf wrapped around his pudgy little neck.  Add a wreath to his hat, and a bow to the post and you have a very cute holiday decorative element.  The mailbox is unscripted, I looked a little for a mailbox script to add but really didn’t see a whole lot though it is modifiable so if you want to use it in that vein you can…. just add your own.

Hopefully you enjoy Bob, he doesn’t come around that often due to the fact that well…. he’ll melt.

Now we’re getting to the naughty.  I’m such a tease and had to make you wait, can’t help myself.  Today only I have placed out something to torment those you hold nearest and dearest…Tortured Slave Display Post though technically that doesn’t have to be the case, can just be someone you want to torture for awhile.  It’s all good.  Original mesh piece for dungeon or… well… I dunno, wherever your twisted heart desires.  The Tortured Slave Display Post has a wooden platform with a very uncomfortable looking bar to place your victim.  While upon this bar there are choices to be made.  18 of them to be exact.  Eighteen animations are included, 9 “humbled” where the willing or unwilling participant depending on your mood has their head bowed forward submissively, and then 9 “proud” versions where the head is raised and they are looking forward.  The arms have various positions behind and in front of the body while the legs remain firmly in place by customized particle chains leading to rings embedded into the floor.

Basic manacles can be obtained from the menu and the piece is OC/Lockguard compatible as well.

Two versions are included in the package.  One that is RLV scripted, and the other is not.  Different restrictions along with capture are in the RLV version, tp’s, IM’s, NC’s, that sort of thing… and you can add your own to the modifiable notecard inside.  Facial expressions have also been added which can be toggled on/off through the menu by the owner so your victims can look suitably distressed upon their precarious perch.

A nice little piece and available today for 25L, then it will go into normal store inventory.

The other thing that started up is the Challenge.  This is a new one for me and my first round participating.  The theme was Fairytale.  So many directions a person could go into and I did a wee bit of twisting.  The Princess and the Pea.

Princess & the Pea AdultFairytale goes something like this.  A prince is set out to find a wife but can’t seem to find anyone, women throwing themselves at him whether they are a Princess or not.  The mother of the prince gets the idea to place a pea between the mattresses of a bed when a woman who proclaimed to be a princess came to stay the night.  K, seriously… I’m just giving a sum up and and not exactly the story thing.  Anyhow… In between this huge stack of mattresses there is this tiny pea and the theory as far as the mom is concerned is that if she is a real princess and not just trying to pretend to be one she will feel the pea through the mattresses.  Upon waking in the morning the princess complained about a lump or some such thing in her bed and that she must surely have a bruise from it.  The kingdom rejoiced and I guess they got married or lived happily ever after type deal.  So!  I made the Princess & the Pea bed.

My twist?  Well for one the bedspread is a Little Red Riding Hood themed thing though there is a regular looking one too if you don’t like that one.

I thought it was kind of funny…. lil girl in the woods with a wolf licking his lips hiding behind a tree on top of a very high pile of mattresses.

The bed itself comes in two versions.  PG and Adult.

I asked multiple people if it would be in poor taste to pervert the bed and you know not ONE of them said that it was better to leave it PG.  Every.  Single.  One. said….. “pervert it.”

So! Pervert it I did.

The PG version has 30 singles animations for sitting, lying around, drawing, sleeping, reading… all of that stuff then it has sets for couples.  27 animation sets for cuddling, kissin, and even just talking if you aren’t in the mood for anything too awful close.  It’s really a well rounded bit if you are looking for something sweet.

Now the adult version has all of that and more.  *said in her best made for TV infomercial voice*

Along with the singles anims I mentioned, there’s also some masturbation types… then you get the cuddles, but I didn’t stop there of course.  Add in a hefty amount of foreplay, sex, and naughtiness to have a truly warped little bed.

It’s all in good fun.

The bed has a texture change quilt, two options with a low lag HUD and the scripts for that can be removed through the HUD if you want.

All embedded no poseballs, and I added two NO COPY snugglers for one of the sleeping animations because I’m nice like that.

The set includes the rug shown… a furry one, black wolf pelt… you know… Little red riding hood quilt… black wolf pelt rug?

Ya… anyhow…

They are available in world, at the landing where you can test it out or purchase through the vendors.  Each set of product is near the sign for the sale…. i.e. 25L by 25L, the Challenge by…. well you know.

Have a great Tuesday!!!  Talk to you soon.





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