Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Battleborn Forest Set

FGC Battleborn Camp RaresThe past couple rounds of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival I’ve taken a few to watch how it goes and refrained from participating.  With this latest round I decided to give it a whirl see how it went…. The theme is/was along the lines of MMoRPG gaming, the Paladin, mage, priest and ranger/hunter type being the main focus and inspiration to draw from.  I’ve been gaming since a very long time ago and I won’t age myself more than that but it’s been a long time.

I’ve often wandered various mystical places, amongst others so the actual idea of it wasn’t all that foreign.  In fact it was more a matter of what to choose rather than not being able to come up with something.  There’s just a lot but I didn’t want to go overboard either.

In that vein, because I like to think of having something a little useful out there I created the Battleborn Forest Outpost Camp.  I’m far too practical sometimes, I was thinking of doing little cute stuff but end up doing this instead.  In general… the idea is those little camps you find scattered out and about as you adventure.  Places people have carved out of the woods or wherever they end up while encroaching upon enemy territory or trying to survive the challenges of the day.FGC Battleborn Camp Commons

Base camp…. something a bit protected, your home away from home even if temporary.

The pieces all work together and are original mesh.  Two gacha sets.  The first being the camp itself and the second being a set of banners.

The camp gacha set has all the little things you need to make yourself comfortable…. outside a bed, I didn’t do a bed but you can find one of those I’m sure.  There’s a lean-to shelter done in two different colored hides.  One more black and white which made me think of winter camps… and the other more brown hides.  After the lean-to there are all the little pieces.  A working campfire with sound and particle effects.  Free standing torches that can be clicked on or off with particle flames… stockade pieces to warn off wandering folks or to protect you from the enemy, barrel type seats to place around the fire with animations embedded in them for both male and female avatars along with a working animation to sharpen your sword after a long day of fighting.  If you don’t have your own sword don’t worry, the seat gives out swords as props along with a whetstone.

As an added lil extra I tossed a torch to hold in there too.  I figured why not, if you need to get up and wander off you might need a source of light.  Two animations for holding and particle flames, just wear it and click for menus or to turn it on and off.

FGC Battleborn BannersSo!  Now you try your hand at having a camp…. what next?  The banners!  Proclaim yourself with might and vigor as ye find your way across the battlefield.  Or just be pretentious enough to stake your claim, whatever works for you yes?  The banners come in two different styles.  The commons are plain.  Nicely textured but kept rather barren of symbol.  Different colors to adorn your camp or residence, each one has two in the pack so you have a pair.  Gacha is tough.  You have to make it transferable but yanno… one banner seems cheap, even two does for that matter on some level.  I mean really.  But I suppose you only need one flag.  Anyhow… the rares are ALL of the colors done with a decorated banner receiving two of each color.

That’s probably not as bad eh?  Though you have a lot of colors to choose from.  Mostly I picked basics… red, warrior like.  Black, for the more devious, purple is good for royalty at times… green generally is a physicians type color or for hunters/rangers but you never know.  Brown, well….. Off the top of my head I got nothin but you can come up with something I’m sure.

Each set at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that has now opened though I’m not in world and don’t have a taxi for you right now.  It’s on the Acerbus Silva sim, could find it that way.  Have a blast and thanks so much for reading through the bumbling babbling that can be contrived upon my blog.

Take care.


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