There was Dark and there was Light

Talk about a wild swing from one extreme to the other.  The Unseelie on one hand and then a Festival of the Sun.  Fallen Gods is having a huge anniversary celebration.  Alia has planned ALL sorts of events, give-aways, contests, music, tournaments, a hunt.  Just a ton of things going on through the 26th.  You can find a post highlighting it all on the Fallen Gods Blog if you’re curious.  As part of the fun of it all he asked if I’d contribute in a little market he set up on the rooftop of his store.  So I have a little easel with a couple things I put together for his celebration.

They’re inexpensive decorative items both priced at 175L so not much and you get to go spend time at his place.  There’s also quite a few other vendors up there alongside me that are just awesome.  His blog has them all listed too.

Forgotten Garden Sundial Set Sunkissed Golden Fruit & Wine Tray

On top of that he’s having a hunt.  You get a HUD, go around to all of the stores, and find the suns.  Do that and then you get to go to a special prize room where there’s a lot of stuff.  So if you want to go to something that will not happen again…. this is really a one of a kind event, then you should head over.  If nothing else Alia always has awesomeness lurking about somewhere.  I love going by his place… it’s a great place to wander, soothing…. anyhow.

>>> Taxi to the Sun Marketplace <<<

Then you have the dark.Perfidious Perch Chair Set

There’s an event that I’ve been a part of though not able to participate that well always, the Seelie Court.  This month though the theme is the Unseelie.

I actually like how this turned out.  A chair set, which I’m thinking of expanding upon a bit but that’s just a “thinking” thing at the moment.  Anyhow….

Two chairs, one for the right and one for the left.  The decorative panels are faced differently and some of the animations are a little different.  There’s 13 animations embedded into the chairs.  No poseballs this means, seven for a female and 6 for a male.  I try to keep it balanced.  Along with the two chairs you can also get the candles that are on either side of it in the picture.  They aren’t scripted, purely for decoration… I like that kind of thing and it looked cool.

They’re not in the store, you can only get them at the event.

The Unseelie court is held between October 20th through November 10th.  Lots of great creators: Senzafine, paper moon, Keystone, Arcadia, Chimeric Fashions…. just to name a few.

>>> Take a Taxi to the Unseelie Court <<<

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