Early Access to the Mystic Realms Faire!

Butter Churn WorksetHave you heard about the Mystic Realms Faire that is opening up tomorrow the 10th?  I’ll wager that you don’t look forward to the lag and the issues.  Do you want a sneak peak?  A way in?  Early access?

Well…. don’t tell anyone but…… YOU CAN!

Shh… keep your voice down. *clears her throat* Ok well you don’t have to but it is true.  You can have early access to the Mystic Realms Faire if you are a member of one of the sponsors in world groups and it just so happens that the Roawenwood is a sponsor to the event.

Join my in world group and gain special early access a day before the lag, the crowds and all of the other fun things that go on.  Shop early at great places like The Forge, Pure Poison, Tia, FatePlay, Dysfunctional Designs, Bite & Claw, and many many more.

All day today.  The group is open invite so no weirdness, can even leave after if you really want but you know you don’t want to.  I’m really a great gal and like to do group specials and all.


I do have a few different items opening up at the faire too.

Firstly… my items this go round were from customer feedback and the notion of trying to give ya’ll some useable stuff rather than trying to impress with the next greatest thing.  So there you have it.

Opening it up we have a butter churn.  Exciting huh?  Well I like the idea of them, the churn sitting in the corner of the kitchen reminds me of a warm hearth and home.  Of all the goodness that can be made up with a talented cook or baker.  As a side note, I used to make butter with my grandmother on the porch.  She liked doing it herself sometimes and it was soooo good.

The set comes with scripted and unscripted versions.  Original mesh and weighs in at .5 – 2 prims.  The scripted one is 2 LI, the decorative pieces like the buckets, props and all.  They are less and sometimes when you link them the Qadir Low Table Set MRFprim count goes down which I love about mesh.  I hate that it gets bigger if you resize it bigger of course but we can’t have everything now can we.  The scripted churn has 5 animations in it.  Two for working, churning the butter and pouring cream into the churn…. then a couple lounging lazy type animations.  I know, it’s terrible but you know everyone has to take a break once in awhile right?  Besides it’s hard work.  Tedious to say the least.

You also get a filled bucket, empty bucket, plunger, open churn and regular churn all as decorative elements.  Since it’s copy you can use them wherever you like for whatever you like.  I do like how it turned out really.

The next thing is a table set.  Meant for places that people gather like taverns and long houses or something of that nature.  Low tables, two versions with different kinds of drapes over them.  A long drape and one with two short drapes.  Lets you mix it up a lil bit.  The tables have texture change through a HUD and you can delete the texture change scripts afterwards no problem.  12 different woods to choose from, and 4 different colored drapes.  A real nice way to mix up the look or use them in different places.

Zandra Chainmail Tunic - SilveredAlong with the tables I added a set of cushions.  Both PG and adult versions.  The full version with the adult anims has table top sex, cuddles, kisses, and the whole nine-yards.  Lap serves, drinking, eating.  So obviously the PG version doesn’t have the naughty menus.  I have been considering that more lately, versatility.  Having both versions readily available lets you have more control over your environment.  I like that.  I bet you do too.  Also the base of the cushion has texture change just like the table, 12 different woods.

As a little extra I got to thinking and added some male animations to the second sitter.  Generally I have kept that female, kneels or sits or whatever… but I added some male ones too on the off chance that they might be used.

Thirdly I did up a very simple chainmail tunic for the females.  A belt is included.  Three different colors…. silvered, scarred, and blackened.

I have to get cooking my dinner so I’m going to wrap this up.  *laughs*

Mystic Realms Faire TAXI

Have a good one


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