To Market to Market to buy a…..

Festival Market StallsThis months We Luv RP event kicked off and my offering for the month is a market set.  Two stalls one with and one without a shelf, little table to be used in the set too…. and then a couple little market stands in a second set.

They are original mesh in the sense I made them all by myself and really won’t be found elsewhere though they are a pretty standard looking medieval or festival stall.  They have their own textures, baked right in so shadowed a bit.  I like how they turned out.

The stalls have a really good selection of fabrics to choose from through a HUD.  Great news too you can delete the scripts out of the stalls once you’ve made them all pretty like.

Choose from either a festive striped fabric in various colors or a few shades of leather to keep it rustic.

See options for all!  Awesome.Mini Market Stand

This month as a new release they are being offered at the We <3 RP event at a 40% discount!




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