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The Home and Garden Expo opened up yesterday.  I tend to space out my announcements because they can become so overwhelming with all the events that show up. Ravenshire Village Shoppe 3 The Home and Garden Expo benefits RFL.  Something that I always like to participate in if I can.  Since this is right up my alley of course I tend to do a little more.

This time I guess I got into it a little differently.  I wanted to create a scene, I sorta kinda ran out of time so it isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be but along the way while making up pieces for it I found something I’ve been looking for for awhile that will directly benefit my store.  So I am on that account VERY pleased.

I have a lot of things over there that were created purely for this event.  A set of shoppes/buildings each working off of the other.  Though they are a bit high on the land impact scale, I’ll admit that.  I tend to build trying to create balance.  In some things I will go big, a lot of prims or the land impact is high because of those details that I want or it just works out that way and then in other ways I create with very very low prims but still looking good.  I don’t know what you’d call it.  I know some go with the lowest prims possible no matter what even if they don’t quite like how it looks…. or there are some that just do as they please.

I think I try to shoot for the middle.  I’m a hybrid balanced builder.  How’s that.  *laughs* It almost sounds like a character type doesn’t it?

Mesh Apple Tree SetI’m talkative today, aren’t I?


Home Expo opened up and I have quite a bit over there even if it kinda looks like I don’t.  Newness and all.  There are 4 buildings.  The most impressive and largest is the Ravenshire Grande Shoppe.  Obviously as you can see there is a distinct Victorian type of flare going here.  Old world shoppes with large windows on the front.  I made these up to be a bit nicer, but warm.  I wanted a warm feeling to go through the little town that I was creating.  I have plans you know…. I’m actually looking forward to them too!  Anyhow.  The grande shoppe is the largest, highest land impact but inside…. rich rich paneling and the walls are just to die for.  I love it, wood flooring that seems like it will creak as you walk across it.

There is also a hunt that I am a part of.  The item is 25L which goes right to RFL and it is a very cute little set up.  Straw bales, pumpkins and it is for storytelling!  Ghost stories even!  It’s PERFECT for this time of year don’t you think?!  You can get this awesome prize at a very low price only through the Home Expo, after that if I keep it around it is going to be a normal type of pricing thing.  So if you want it you have to come find it at my expo display.Storytime Autumn Bales 512

Something of a festive air at the display… banners and all.  Very autumn like, leaves… straw bales… pumpkins.  Most things at the display are for sale.  Even the pine trees that I used but they are marked down to like 10L, an almost near freebie.  I didn’t put the oak trees up, just haven’t BUT there is a set of mesh apple trees that I created for it.  You can see them at the expo display… brand new.  So what else do I have hmm?  Let’s see.  Fountains, buildings, flower beds and autumn type decor.  There is quite a bit.  I technically have about 8 new things out there at the Expo.  Eight!

So to see them all you have to go to the Expo…. I’m not even sure what to put in this post to be honest so I guess I’ll leave it there for now and tell you… no DEMAND that you go down to my display and check it out!  There’s so many great merchants… and it really is for a great cause with lots of new stuff, and lots to see on 8 different sims.





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