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Achillia - Battle Worn LeatherI’ve been in battle mode.  The upcoming Tales of Fantasy event had the theme “Men and Women of War”.  I haven’t put that item up here yet but I sort of carried the thread/idea over into this months We <3 RP round.

Two things this month that I’m offering.  One a very simple set of shields.  Decorative mainly, you can wear them if you want to mess with it or put them on your wall… around your chair, at the base of a fireplace…. where ever you want.  They are 1 LI each, but when you link 2 it shifts back to 1.  Sometimes mesh can be fun that way.  So yea…. a little something.  Not all that expensive to begin with but marked down 40%.

Now the other is kinda cool.  A banded leather top, buckles along the front and in the back with metal studs over the thing.  I couldn’t help but think of some gladiatorial female strutting out to snarl at her opponent when I was putting it together.Decorative Shields

It comes in three flavors.  Black leather, battle worn, and brown.  A very nice addition for those women who want to kick ass or at least look like they are prepared to do so.

5 sizes… and is also at a 40% discount.

We <3 RP opens up tomorrow I believe, a little later this month because of summery vacations and goodness.

I’ll have a thread going about the upcoming Tales of Fantasy event when it gets a little closer.  It opens on the 10th.


Have a great day and talk to you soon!!





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