Tales of Fantasy… Men & Women of War

The Tales of Fantasy event opened up yesterday and the theme Men and Women of War is a bit different I think than what ends up being the case often enough. Training Dummies It’s tough, events seem to recycle themes or use the same ones often without meaning to.  Probably partially because they’re favorites and I think partially people like to outdo the one done previously. *laughs*  The theme this time was rather broad.  Items included in the round span different places or looks from different creators.  It’s a good thing I think.

My wee lil offering?  Training dummies!!  I thought yanno…. all those burly warriors and fighters need a place to practice right?  Original mesh…   I’m going to be moving in that direction a lot more than in the past.

So!  What do you get in my overstuffed sacks that hang so nicely upon their stands?  Well first off there’s two versions.  One with arms and one without.  So you can mix, match or just use one or the other.  I like options.  I think most people like options.

What else…. Well there is 23 different embedded (NO Poseballs!!!) animations.  You see that?  23.  Lordy….

You get fist fighting/hand to hand combat anims, spear, axe, and sword.  The dummies give you practice weapons you can use through the menu.  All done by yours truly.  I’m fairly stoked, I think they look pretty good too.

I wanted something that I haven’t seen a whole lot of yet.  Being truly original in SL is really hard to do with so much floating around and so many people doing so many things.  I know there are things like this out there but I’m hoping that ya’ll like it.  It has a rustic feel to it, real big surprise there though right?

I have it on display at the main store but the only place you can actually purchase it is at the Tales of Fantasy event at the moment.  The event, this round at least, is geared towards semi-exclusive or exclusive limited content.  Where it is offered either just at the event and never again or…… at the event for now, store later.  Haven’t completely decided on that one…. I mean I could always do a different type/version for the store and make these a ta-da get it now or never again type affair.  Who knows.  My mind can be rather changeable.  So I suppose if you want them you really should get down there to get them.  I just might end up forgetting to put them in the store. *smirks then grins*

Amazon - Battle Worn LeatherAlong with that I threw in a shield, decorative.  Something you can play with or display.  I just liked how it looked leaning against the base when I was making it all up.  So you get that too.

The entire set isn’t that expensive really… only 495L and considering that I make everything pretty much copy/mod you can toss them wherever you like.

Now….. this week I had released the one top for We <3 RP right? Well what I didn’t put on the blog but did in world is that I had released a sister top to it.  The Amazon!  There is a story about two female gladiators that were so fearsome in their fight that they let both of them live rather than someone be sacrificed at the end.  One was called Achillia, and the other the Amazon.  So that is where the names for the tops come from because all I could think of was battle gear when I saw them. I know a lil showy for warrior wear but it looks so cool, and just makes me think of women who don’t take anyone’s sh*t.  Perfect.

THAT is available at the MAIN STORE!  Woot.  You get to come see me!

The Amazon top is at a 40% discount for in world group members only.  If you wear the Roawenwood group tag then you can get it for 105L just like the Achillia top is on sale at the RP event.

So that’s my post for now…. hope you had a great weekend and that you don’t have a case of the Mondays.

Talk to you soon.




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