New docks for your waterfront

Roughed Up Docks Build SetThis past week the Fantasy Collective opened up.  The theme, swamps… bayou… Voodoo… that sort of thing.  I had so many ideas for this thing, so many things I’d love love to do but I settled on something a little more practical than a few of my ideas.

Docks.  Done in mesh by little old me… different pieces to build what you like with them and a bit on the rougher side.  I tend to lean that way even when I don’t intend to.  The posts have ropes on the top, bark mainly for the texturing and the docks themselves are beat up a wee bit.

They create a bit of atmosphere I would think… I like to do that.  Maybe that’s one reason why I like roughing up things.  Adding depth.

The set is modify/copy…. make them as long or as small as you like.  Just want part then just use part.

Weighing in with the land impact ranging from .5 to 3 per piece it isn’t too awful bad.  They also are either mossy, or not.  So you can choose a different look.

Available at the moment ONLY at the Fantasy Collective event, you can technically take a gander at them at the store.  I have them in the new arrivals section with a land mark to the event.

Happy days!! Have fun!




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