Is there a Dr. in the house?

The We luv RP event kicked off yesterday, a day later than usual to account for the holiday in the US which is decent of em don’t you think?

This month my offering is a rugged sorta physicians outpost or lil shanty thing.  I’ve had Rugged Physician Outpost Setphysicians items for years…. this one is of course all in mesh, and looks pretty good.  More rugged looking with eye popping colors there’s three main pieces.  The full set includes the shanty and accessories, a low desk, and a cot.

You can also purchase the desk and cot separately without the rest of the lil pieces.  We have candles, rug, basket, jugs and rolled up towels/bandages for accessories in the full set.  The desk does include one of the candles.  It just seemed to suit it.

In the desk you will find 8 embedded animations for male and female avatars.  Writing, reading and sitting.  The book has medical illustrations in it, and there’s parchment laid out on the desk with a furry lil pillow to rest yourself on.

The cot has more options.  The drape beneath the pillow has 5 different shades to choose from so you don’t have to keep it green if you don’t want to.  There’s 14 single animations from a belly ache, to eating, sleeping, sneezing, tossing and turning plus some other stuff thrown in so you can emote or rp out different scenarios.  For both male and females.

The cot also has some couples sets.  5 of them.  Two massages, one for the men and one for the ladies.  A first aid set where you can mend or check out the patients arm and then a spooning cuddly thing.  Eh, you never know right?

You can now get the ENTIRE set at a 40% discount at the We <3 RP event through this month.  If you want just the cot, you can.  If you want just the desk… go for it.  Or get the entire set at a very big discount.

Have a good one and take care!!



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