We Luv RP June! New Tunic & Trees from the Thicket

Mourningvale Thicket Trees - Red LeafedA new round and some new stuff!  This month I am placing a tunic drape thing that I thought some rp’ers might find of use and a set of trees from Mourningvale Thicket.  Specifically the red leafed ones that were around the landing.  I got A LOT of people asking me about those particular trees so I put them into a box and decided to place them at a discounted price at the RP event.  There’s 4 trees in the pack… two different tones in the bark.  One is a little greener while the other is mainly just blackened.  Two types of trees, one thicker… one the thinner.  I did like them a bit anyhow so it’s fun that other people liked them too.  I do plan on releasing or placing out other pieces from the sim or whatever in general.  Have the blackened trees and the more barren ones already boxed just not placed anywhere yet.

It’s funny, I don’t think of myself as a landscaper sort but I am consistently getting people asking me for the little pieces I do create.  I guess in some ways I am, I have tons of things like this in my inventory but not really any in the store.  Ponder that one hm?  I might change that, used to want to have a dedicated ‘garden’ section to the place.  Maybe I should rethink that.  Sacked Rigged Mesh Tunic in Brown

Anyhow… I’ve had a few disappointed IM’s and queries in relation to these since they weren’t available at the time at least I’m fixing that now.  So hopefully ya’ll will enjoy them.

Now the tunic.  What I envisioned.  Workers, slave girls, kettle girls, captured or the beggar lady, the transient… those types needing a lil bit of clothing to be able to represent themselves in a given RP.  The drape itself is open on the sides with a bit of frayed fringe along the bottom on the front and the back.  I have to tell you…. being honest here, it isn’t really the most figure flattering piece of clothing out there but I suppose…. It’s not meant to be!  It’s kind of like wearing a burlap sack. *nods* Yepp… the fabric is burlap, though there is an edging to it with some leather that makes it a lil less sack like.

There are 5 colors.  I had only planned on doing the one, that being brown but then I was feeling like that just wasn’t really that great either.  I like color and it felt so….. limiting.  So there is black, red, green, blue, and brown.  Covers most basic needs I would think.

Along with the colors there are options for each tunic.  Yay for options!

This is where the RP’ers thing comes in…. there are four looks for each tunic.  Clean… Dirty… Stained… and downright Filthy.  Each one has a little different flavor so you can look as dirty or as clean as you want giving a bit of dimension to your RP.  Fall down the hillside?  Mucking out the stalls?  Need to look like you just went through nine rounds with a wild boar?  Eh…. maybe one of these will suit you hmm?  And if not… well that’s ok too but it could be a bit of fun.

Right now all of the tunics are at the We <3 RP event along with the trees.

The best part??

They’re on SALE!

40% off through the month and the round.

Opening later on today.  Not yet…. you have to.

Wait for it!

Hope you’re having a good one!


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