Genre – Arabia

This months round of Genre has kicked off.  Awesomeness for 100L or less from some damn fined creators.  The theme for the month was Arabia.

Kaamil Furniture SetI created a couple things really.  I do love the look and feel of this particular sort of thing though lately I have been trying to refocus a bit and do some furniture.  I really do like making up the props to create a scene.  This time I was REALLY nice and put out some extra fine offerings at a very inexpensive price.

A set of lanterns with different colored glass… and a full furniture set including rug, two different chairs, and a table.

The chairs come in left and right because they can be skewed to sit next to each other in different angles.

All mesh and the chairs along with the lanterns are materials enabled giving them some extra pop if you have all that turned on.

The Kaamil furniture set… each chair has embedded animations, TONS in there.  14 for females, 12 for males and 1 unisex one to start you off when you sit.  Yanno so no one looks funny before picking a sit they like.Bahir Decorative Lanterns Set

Each chair has texture change letting you choose from 8 different colors.  Brown, blue, black, purple, grey, green and a rust type color.  Fairly awesome really.  The whole set along with the table and rug is only 100L through the event.

The lanterns have a soft glow on click and these are only 50L through the event.  Three different ones in the pack.  Great deal if you like them.

Along with all that I did do a free gift.  Only at the event, a vase.  To go with the entire set.  See I set you up fairly well.

Hope you all like and thanks so much for checking in!


TAXI to Genre Arabia


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