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I’ve been giving in world group members more gifts or deals lately because it feels like things have gotten so out of whack that the folks who stay in there don’t get much of a benefit.  So many things going on, time flying by.  Well today I’m offering up a lil freebie for only a little bit, not forever.

I even have a story to go along with it.Av attach - Hello Wall

Yesterday while working on some items for up and coming events I was approached by a would be customer.  My little IM tab starts lighting up, they were at an event type thing and could not find my booth/display/whatever.  They had been told I was there, could I help them please.  Sure… no problem.  Which event might that be I inquire wanting to help them.  So I wait for the reply, look at it when I get it.  Pause.


I’m not in that particular event.  Ok, no big deal… express this to said individual.

So… they then pull up a blogger post that has an item of mine on the outfit/in the scene that was indeed for an event at one point or will be…. if you can’t tell I’m leaving this ambiguous on purpose…. a recent post though and according to it, there should be an item of mine at this event for this discounted price or whatever other limitation this particular event has within its rules.

Ahhhh… I see what happened.  The blogger probably under a big pile of boxes couldn’t/can’t/didn’t keep events straight and mislabeled my item.  Honest enough mistake, say this to said individual, tell them where it will be or won’t be available depending on your point of view.

Individual gets defensive.  Wants the item.  Wants it for the price specified, wants me to do what should be done, and that I should be more aware of things like this, that it is misleading… that I should be checking blogs regularly… etc etc.  As I slowly blink trying to take it all in.

I offered the piece, I offered to make them happy, I even end up giving it to them for free when it was said and done all the while listening to them rant at me as I thanked them for the feedback, telling them I appreciated them pointing it out to me…. all of that.  They have decided to not shop my stuff again.  Or so they say.


It isn’t the first time of course that a blogger has made an error where an item of mine is for sale.  For which event or even in my store.  Misspellings happen a lot too.  Not usually that big of a deal, I catch some… might give a nudge… often leave it alone.  But this is the first time I’ve been laid to waste because of it.  I do try to keep an eye on blogs but do you have any idea how many are out there?  The best part?  The blogger purchased the item themselves from an event – it wasn’t just dropped on them or in a group notice for blogging.  It was fun, and all the while all I could think about was how I felt like I was banging my head against the wall.  Then the subsequent thought – even the bloggers can’t keep up with events anymore.

So!  This weeks fun little freebie.


The “Hello Wall” Av attachment.

The most super duperist item to come out of the Wood all year.  A simple wall that you can attach from your inventory!  Wear it and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

Five awesome animations to choose from…. banging your head into the wall, and just because we all have our moods or needs… 2 male and 2 female animations where you can literally talk to the wall.


For those moments where you are standing around or being barraged and nothing else can quite get across your feelings this well.  Adjust the wall, male or female… is simple really.

So that is my adventure for the week.

It is near the landing of the MAIN STORE in the NEW ARRIVALS area.

And to any bloggers out there reading this?

Please PLEASE for all the love that is holy….. double check your posts before clicking publish.






12 comments on “Free… free…. free….. free

  1. pipsknits

    I’d say you have no idea how many times I’ve been in similar situations with customers, but…. Yeah, you probably do. And you probably handled that a lot better than I would!
    Thanks for the fun freebie – I’m sure it’ll come in handy in the future. 😉

  2. Searlait Nitschke

    Pips!! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even of had the fun lil animation to be able to do it. Complete awesomeness btw, been dying to put it into something for ages… it just gave me an excuse. haha

    Hope you have fun with it…. Was thinking it would be a great afk thingie, *laughs* Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Dee Kass

    awesome I will use this numerous times a week, err day! this will be much better than the headbang animation I use lol

  4. Giselle555

    I too am sometimes flustered by the audacity of some people in SL. I am on vacation and in my mass craziness of getting things done, I accidentally inserted an ad in a notecard in the wrong COLOR of what I intended on offering. According to my data sheet, I had the right item out, but as I submitted the wrong pic, that isn’t what was supposed to be out for the customers’ purchase. My mistake, no big deal. I have no problem correcting when I do dumb things and make mistakes. Please point out to me someone who hasn’t. But instead of contacting me and inquiring about the item, random customer gets in a large group chat and starts complaining, saying the item they want to purchase for less than a quarter is not out and I’ve done it on purpose and it’s false advertising! Thanks for the wall! I’m going to need it!

  5. Alexandra Ashland

    First, Thank you so much for the fun gift! I can think of several recent moments it would have come in handy! I do wish you hadn’t been subjected to that insane situation to begin with though. You went far beyond what most would have done and it pains me that it went unappreciated by the would-be-customer. It is entirely their own loss if they choose not to shop your products in the future as you have always provided the best quality and variety and you have done well staying current with changes over the years. It’s obvious in each new release that you devote much of yourself into each item and it is highly appreciated by those of us who shop, and recommend your store. So even if you didn’t get it from the “wall” you were speaking with the other day, let me say a big Thank you!

  6. Searlait Nitschke

    You’re welcome! Know everyone has their frustrations or boredom… So my warped way of dealing with it. heh, just glad ya’ll can have some fun with it too.

    I don’t really take it too awful personally and definitely don’t take it on beyond a ‘wow’ moment but that’s one reason why I make up the stuff I do. Gotta laugh, it’s what makes life interesting.

  7. Heart

    Lordy…. I have had that happen to me in RL at my job. Some people just want stuff and wont let it go. Sheesh! But yay on freebie stuffs!

  8. Vellerie

    I need it at my job too, My boss either doesn’t give me the go ahead and then wants to know if something is done, or does give me the go ahead and then pulls out of an event. grrrrr. I walk around feeling Charile Brown banging his head against _____ (a tree?) Thanks Sear, you’re great!

  9. Dee Kass

    lol thank you so much it worked great!! I whipped that out to bang my head & then asked a couple of “you’re so pretty” staff girls what I was doing… in unison both said “talking to a wall” we all cracked up … we had a lot of fun with this awesome gift thanks again

  10. Searlait Nitschke

    hahaha, very cool. I made a lasting contribution to SL that will live on. woot!

  11. fearlessnationptsdsupport

    Wow! Thank you for this fantastic item — we will feature it at our landing because it soooo speaks to our nonprofit!!! You totally rock—Thank you for making SL the great place it is \o/
    Anya Ibor

  12. fearlessnationptsdsupport

    Oh no! It’s an attachment! LOL…Oh well we’ll tell members to each get their own wall–It _would_ make an awesome stand-alone item, though. I’d pay to have one. 🙂

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