World Goth Fair

Dragontooth CollarLast year I wanted to participate in this event pretty badly but missed the deadlines… so this year I made a point to try to pay attention to when it was coming around, when to sign up and all of that.  I probably still almost missed it.  This time of year is extraordinarily busy usually.  Technically this year I’m a little less busy than I was last year right now.  Which is something of a good thing.

World Goth Fair benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  They have tons of music and things going on throughout it.  Three sims of stuff to browse and look through, some really great creators.  I find myself wanting to do a bit extra for this, find the cause worthwhile for some personal reasons as well as the big hearted type that I tend to have anyhow.

At the moment the things that I have up in vendors that give proceeds back to the foundation are kinda basic.  I like em.  A dress in three styles and then a collar.  I didn’t script the collar or add any but it is modifiable unrigged mesh.  Unisex too.  You have no idea how often I hear about how there just is nothing for the men, and it is true.

This is a rather interesting piece.  Two versions are included in the pack.  One with the cross on it, and one without.  Not everyone likes to have something like that on it.  Kala Dress - BrocadesIt’s got a rather softened silverish kind of tone to the metal.  It isn’t the glaring silver/chrome you usually see on something like this giving it a little bit of a different tone than what I usually see.  I kind of like it.

Black leather…. of course.  Eh, what can I say.  I think it looks pretty cool, seems to be doing fairly well so far though I’m sure some would prefer it was scripted.  I have it in two vendors over there.  One that is copy/mod/no transfer, and one that is mod/transfer….. I was hoping to help folks along that would want to get it for someone else.  Priced at 125L you really can’t complain on that score.  If you want it scripted I’m sure ya’ll can add them without too many issues.  Perhaps in the future I’ll update with a scripted version.  We’ll see.

Btw…. do you see that skin in the pictures?  Totally different look for me.  I’ve been in a rather interesting frame of mind.  Wanted a change and with the Goth Fair coming Kala Dress - Stripesup decided to look into a few different looks I’ve played around with.  I used to do a lot of Goth type looks in real life as well as online.   When I first came into SL for about the first year or two and whenever the mood struck that was what I wore really but I haven’t in a really long time.  So while prepping for this I took a day to play with it.  The skin is from Fallen Gods.  I have a few from there from over the years with Fantasy Fair and all.  I always get at least one of the skins at Alia’s event where we send him to either Heaven or Hell.  Anyhow… I picked up a few, wasn’t quite liking what I was coming up with then decided to try the scaled ones on.  You have no idea how hard it is for me to find skins that suit me.  Honestly.  It’s painful.  It is one reason you won’t see my look change often, I just won’t compromise or wear something that I don’t think is…. ‘me’.  Tried it on and was rather shocked to find that the features suited my avatar to a T and it didn’t actually look half bad.  Tweaking an outfit here and there….. and I was actually happy with the outcome.  This so does not happen to me very often.  I’m not sure just how frequent this look will be.  We’ll see about that too I guess. *grins*

Kala Dress - SkullsThe other items that I have in donation vendors for the event like I said is a set of dresses.  Same basic form but done with three styles.  Two styles have 8 color options while the third style only has three.  On that one I didn’t like anything else I was coming up with so I figured the less is more approach was the better one.  A simple form fitting dress.  If tricked out with accessories or worn with leggings or something it could be pretty good, I haven’t really been able to get into some items that I’ve wanted to for a long time so this sort of thing swam around my vast inventory for ages.  Just now getting it out there.  In some ways I feel like I have been held back too long on certain stuff I wanted to do and it’s biting me in the ass now.

And I guess I second guess myself.  Figure people aren’t expecting or used to seeing certain types of things in my store so I hesitate.  Which also bites me in the ass.  Eh what can I say, I’m going to have to give myself a kick or two and just go with it.

So the dresses… yes… One in with a brocade pattern, one in stripes, and one with big skull down the front panel.  It looks fairly cool in my opinion.

Now honestly you should check out the fair.  It’s pretty cool and if you’re into dark stuff at all you’ll be able to find something.  My space is located on the Sium sim.  I’ll get a SLURL when I log into world.  I have intentions of adding new product for the fair this week as well.  It runs through June 1st.  So there’s time to browse and look around till your lil dark heart is content.

If nothing else… go see my display.  It’s really good.  hahaha I simply adore the way it looks, been trying to think if I can figure out a way to incorporate part of it somewhere in some other build or my store.

Anyhow.  Take care and have a good one.  Talk to you soon.




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